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Scare Tissue Around Nerve/ Medical Marijuana

CarinHubbyCCarinHubby Posts: 3
edited 01/08/2015 - 5:05 AM in Alternative Treatments
I just found this site in search of information that I could help my wife's situation. She has DDD in her neck which isn't the main issue right now (anymore) as pain from a back surgery in her lower back trumps that. See she had fluid from between her disks harden against a nerve. Surgery resulted, to remove it occurred(which relieved pain for a while), and now "extensive" scare tissue has formed compromising the nerve again. A team of surgeons here in Ontario, have told us that they won't operate because of the risk of paralysis. She has been referred to a Pain Clinic, which she hasn't been to yet. Her nerve medicine isn't working and doses have been increased. I am looking at alternatives. Namely Medical Marijuana. We both condone recreational use of the substance but I have heard of the benefits medically. I guess I'm not very knowledgeable about it and the required contents, forms etc. My wife has never used and I'm of the opinion (experimented in my late teens) that making love to a bag of chips and falling asleep, after using it ,is not my idea of fun...lol. What are thoughts on this and direction to further research would be appreciated. Thanks


  • LizLiz Posts: 9,748
    there are many threads on this topic of medical marijuana and varied opinions about the benefits.

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  • Well I guess my hope was that I find someone in my similar Scenario. The directions to a "Newbie" are to provide as much information as possible. But all the same thanks Liz for the help.
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  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 681
    So I became certified to become legal and it really didn't help me at all.
    I might. Try it aga in tho.
  • Been doing some reading on Kratom. Anyone know if it is cheaper than MM? I have no clue on the going rate for MM. Comparisons experienced between the two??
  • hi I please excuse the misspells would rec going to a mmj doctor they will discuss in better detail ,,, on smoking ,eating or other ways drinks etc and how the diff strains can offer help ... exp I looked for the mmj that had higher cbns and other chems im plant names that I cant remember vs thc what gets you high ... as those have been proven the help reduce inflammation in nerves and whatnot ,nerve regeneration .and something with muscles .. there is also oils to rub in ..if your doing a card try to get growing rights to save yourself a lot of money ...this will not place heavy meds as I need Demerol ,valum but has reduced the use of them drasticly ....just remember like any drug first couple times using dep on what strain your using shell be real high then shell get used to it and function better than if on heavy drugs ,, like I tell my doc its a med that is about four steps higher then over the counter meds and a 1000% safer then the heavy meds hope that helps also sativa=upper during day smoke keep you up lifted indaca ==spelt wrong is a downer help too sleep etc
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  • TarenTTaren Posts: 524
    edited 01/14/2015 - 2:27 AM
    CarinHubby said:
    Been doing some reading on Kratom. Anyone know if it is cheaper than MM? I have no clue on the going rate for MM. Comparisons experienced between the two??
    If it were me, I would stay far away from Kratom. I saw a report on this herb a couple of weeks ago. The DEA is calling it a drug of concern. Supposedly in low does it has a sedating effect but in higher does it has the same effect as cocaine and heroine. It is addictive and the withdrawal symptoms can be severe, according to the report. Also, said it could cause paranoia, delusions , psychosis and even liver damage. I would not even begin to entertain the thought of using this drug-please don't....How does that old saying go? If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is--yep that's the one.
  • Why has she not been to the pain clinic she has been referred to? Why not start there?
  • I thought I would chime in on your topic about MM and kratom. I have not gotten any pain relief from MM either. I do believe it may be helpful with the depression that can accompany chronic pain issues. Kratom is a legal herb in some states. I do think it can be very helpful with moderate pain issues. It is a plant with leaves that is grown in Asia. In my state it is legal. Used responsibly, it could be considered like a mild pain pill. A 2-3 gram amount is sufficient for mild relief. It has a slight pleasant feeling without any side affects that I noticed. I do not feel it was addictive at all. Not any more than Advil would be. On hard pain days, it can be helpful for a little extra pain relief. I consider it as a medication like any other. Never had any issues with it. Used responsibly, there are no concerns to me. Safe, time proven, used for centuries in Asia.
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