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Please help me with these CT results! ASAP I am freaking out :(

The doctor ordered a CT scan after my fall........

And this is the results. Can you please convey? i have no idea what it means and need to know. The doc won't call until at least Monday. :

Addendum: In addition to epidural scarring and/or recurrent/residual disk
protrusion, the differential diagnosis of the abnormal soft tissue density
filling the right neural foramen and lateral recess at L5-S1 also includes
postoperative fluid collections that she has seroma/hematoma or abscess.
Contrast enhanced MRI would be helpful for further characterization.

1. Status post right laminectomy and diskectomy with pedicle screw fusion
at L5-S1.
2. Soft tissue density filling the right lateral recess and neural
foramen at L5-S1. This could be due to epidural scarring and/or
recurrent/residual disk protrusion.
3. Minimal disk height loss and minimal annular disk bulge at L4-5
without central spinal stenosis or foraminal stenosis.
4. No fracture or subluxation is evident.
A noncontrast CT of the lumbar spine was obtained and compared with a
radiograph from 02/20/2015. Coronal and sagittal reconstructions were
generated from the axial scan.
DLP 566 mGy x cm.
No fracture or bony destruction is seen. Lumbar alignment is normal.
There has been a previous right laminectomy at L5 with pedicle screw
fusion at L5-S1. There is a bone graft in the L5-S1 disk space.
The pedicle screws and rods appear to be intact.
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CT-15-009873 2/25/2015 12:08:03 PM
There is soft tissue density filling the right lateral recess and neural
foramen at L5-S1.
At L4-5 there is slight disk height loss. There is a minimal annular disk
bulge without central spinal stenosis or foraminal stenosis.


  • I wish we could help you more, but we simply cannot. On a common sense level, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot there to be flipping out about. Wait til Monday and your Doctor will explain it to you. Nothing is going to change between now and then, so just chill out and enjoy your weekend. Nothing is jumping out at us that says you`re ready to fall down, die or be paralyzed, so don`t panic!

    Realize that FEAR is our worst enemy. Get up & get out in that stormy weather of the real world & kick fear in the teeth. Stare at it dead in the eyes & walk right through it into the storm; because once you're wet, you won’t fear the rain anymore
  • What Doug said.
    Also if there was something of huge concern and urgency then someone else would have called you. That's what happened in my case where they saw I broke my C2 and had a SCI and the doctor and radiologist both called us 20 minutes after my MRI where tey sent me to a CT and an hour after the CT scan my doctor and the new radiologist called us saying I had to see a neuro the very next week. If there was something of upmost concern then they would have called you. Just chill out - easier said than done I know.
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