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fentanyl patch

Last month I've had pretty good results from a Morphine increase. The result was dramatic and successful and I've almost made it through the first script of 60 ext release twice per day and minimal break through medications. I don't care for the morphine, really at all. It's been a month and I take the morphine with breakfast and find myself saving any breakthrough medications for the evening as this seems to be when the pain starts to quarterback pretty hard and this is new. Just an example taking the morning dose at 7am about noon just 5 hours after I was in intense pain. I made it until 3pm then took the 2nd dose of morphine and at this point no stopping the pain and started falling behind. At 6pm I took my breakthrough meds and now writing this it's 10pm and I'm moderate well lets be realistic I'm hurting.

This is what I'm doing as far as pain meds, since the morphine increase and the introduction of a support group I've been more active and I'm thinking the added activity is now causing the added pain, makes sense but what brought on this post is the thought of working again ((full time)). No activity in Jan-Feb and now with some relief and added activity I have some pretty intense pain again. I do feel I can now start back at the gym to strengthen some core muscles and get myself in better shape, it's helped in the past and Im hoping it helps again. This is all a life change, all of it. At time I want to take more than prescribe but do not. I was in screaming pain the other night and I was holding that bottle but I knew long term this is not going to help so I passed.

This is a lot of information but I feel my question in regards to a fentanyl patch warrants all this information. I'm not a fan of morphine, the regular morphine takes the pain away completely but it takes 4 15mil tabs three times a day to do it, it hits the pain hard but drops off just as hard so I do not know about that or even if my Dr would go there. I'd like to work again full time, today I did some resume work, I'm now going to start slow with the gym, I've lost weight but what does this patch do and what is it all about. I'm positive about putting something on for a few days and having some breakthrough on hand, has anyone done this or has anyone had any experience with the fentanyl. I'm not expecting the heavens to part here and I know I'll never be 100% pain free but just some info. Thanks!!!

If you have some answers for me great and if I have not made myself clear about something please ask, when I'm in this much pain I ramble, right now I could use some more breakthrough because sleeping is going to rough tonight. I only get 15 minutes with my DR and I do not have another appointment until next month, so asking now about other meds may be helpful next month...


  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 11,347
    While you doctor discharge you , you now have medical clearance to see what you need to see to uncover a myth from thousand s of years ago.
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 11,347
    Your army awaits out the gates looking for your waring.
    Soon, perhaps-your physical pain

    Please read the site;s forum guidelines and the FAQl Those areas should provide enough information so that you can parftipat in this site.

    Look at all the forum main containers. They will have pointers to their
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
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  • dilauro said:
    While you doctor discharge you , you now have medical clearance to see what you need to see to uncover a myth from thousand s of years ago.
    I have no issue what this means-english please
  • I started on Fentanyl last year, and now am on 200 micrograms (audience gasps) every 3 days. I'm fixing to retire and went to another medical insurer, and they said, "We can't prescribe that much Fentanyl! We'll give you acupuncture!" All I know is, even with this high dose, it didn't stop MY pain! Right before I got on it, I read the alerts where it's 70 times stronger than morphine (their words online, not my opinion!), so I thought (and my Doc started me off light), great, I will now find pain relief! I thought I might right at first, because even tho most if not all narcotics seem to be related, the new drug affected my body and pain differently, and I told all my friends that I felt very optimistic! I am NOT saying it doesn't work, it does, but to MY pain, it doesn't totally stop it. I will admit, I have had periods of almost pain-free relief. Is it just the Fentanyl, with 6 Dilaudid daily? On the other foot, I've had such serious, burning, mind-numbing pain even while on it, that either there is Nothing that will give me relief (I'm almost always an optimistic guy, but over 13 years will take a toll!), or medication alone will not do it. I was told to start cutting both of my meds to bring them down to when I start with the new company, and yes, they said they will give my pain meds with the acupuncture, and other protocols, but it's going to be minute compared to what I've been on all these years to get to what I told you in the beginning. I can't fib or anything, so one way or another on the new protocol starting in July, after I keep cutting and cutting my just delivered meds before I saw this new doc, I will tell which way it goes: feel good dropping major, major pills (I take others, not just the pain narcotics), or I'm going to the emergency room! Kinda kidding there! But ya know what I mean! Read everything you can on Fentanyl, and don't expect the moon if your doc puts you on it, and I can guess what at least the authorities, experts will say, and they might be right!
  • I'm 34 year old dealing with sciatica nerve, mild bulging disc, arithitis. I've been called a drug addict from doctors and relatives. My sciatica nerve the one thing that really hurts me. The pain Dr has been up my medications. Right now I'm on oxycodone 15 mg, soma, and gabentenin. My pain Dr mention me going on fentanyl patches. I'm worried that she will put me on the patch and take away the other medication. But I'm in so much pain. I sleep with ice packs everynight.
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  • To the monitor, you have added zero value to helping anyone here. Your comments were actually rude and added confusion =considering there was a valid question posted so as far as humility (I'll try to get to that in a minute) but unless you explain your posts you should delete them.

    The second poster, Thank you so much for your post. No I'm expecting the moon here with anything and realize I'm in this for life. I also was not looking for stronger but rather that I'm in this for life I might as well find a medication that works. I'm already on strong medications and I've had no issues with them so why not experiment with different medications even if that means dropping strength. I would rather have pain relief from something weaker than have no relief from something stronger. I just hate morphine, I've had problems since day one. This last increase helped my pain but I sit at home and although as I said I got involved with a support group and the gym I'm not filled with joy and glee not to mention the possibility of new sex issues. Thank you for your comments, understood the moon I will not expect if offered this med.. Thank you so much...

    butterfly81--are you a drug addict or are you not? This is where the humility part comes in!! Before my surgery I was called an addict by an ER doctor and this doctor refused to treat me. He said via his records I was just in the ER two weeks ago and that this was not your local corner and that considering my records he considered me an addict and would not treat me. What he did not know was that within those two weeks my disc blew, that's right. I did not know it ether and that's why I was there. I left the er and simply went to another hospital, the scan showed that the disc was now blown and it was time to get a surgical team in place. So I do not believe what this DR had to say and against my better judgement showed some humility and backed out on suing him, from what I was told he would have lost and he would have lost big. He's human, he makes mistakes just like me and because someone called you an addict are you one, if so you have bigger issues than pain. If not shrug it off and move on. Even talk to your current Dr's and express to them how you feel, I did so with mine and you know it helped. Let them call me anything what the want to, and if they do what does that say about them. Is that very professional, is that helpful, is something like that positive and does it have anything medical value to add to the treatment even if it was true. ((no))

    I wanted to find out about fentanyl patch and all medications for that matter as I said I'm in this now for life so why not try different medications and get one that's right. It's like the right workout, or diet, or support group all part of a healthy life perhaps one that I was not involved in prior to surgery. thank you any further help all welcome
  • I tried combinations of different meds. For me narcotics work better when combined with a muscle relaxant. I know it's strange but the sum of the 2 is greater than either. Know what I mean? I use a cream with nerve meds (Gabapentin etc because I can't take them orally.) Rather than increasing dose I try to change narcotic & it's worked well for me so far.

    Some 12 hour meds just don't last 12 hours for me. Most I've ended-up taking every 8 hours. We're all very different. It's generally trial & error. I've realized that it's not a case of finding the right med as much as recognizing when it's time for a change.

    I won't ramble on about the differences I find between different meds because I have some unusual reactions...I'm not exactly average in my reaction to meds ;-)
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • Since starting this whatever you want to call it, I have tried , lost count of how
    many different medications. Fentanyl at 75 mg kicked my butt it made me angry,
    shaky, suicidal, breathing issues it scared the crap out of me. But I have reactions to
    all the different categories of medications and ingredients in them. I wish that patch
    would have worked and now no doctor will let me try it again since that was years
    ago and I was taking two other medications why not. You could just do find with it
    but that will be up to your Doctor if they are willing. Hopefully you will find one or
    combinations of whatever it takes to bring your pain down. It gets extremely frustrating
    for sure and can drive you almost over the edge when you have tried all the other
    things to lessen the pain. I just started with a new Doctor and he said changing meds makes
    no difference. Sorry I don't believe that and wish I could find some research on it.
    Hey I know I am not the brightest but I don't get what Ron was trying to say either
    maybe I will have to ask him directly.
    Wish you the best and don't give up until you get some help, we all deserve it.
  • karateguitarkkarateguitar Posts: 3
    edited 03/30/2015 - 12:16 PM
    you're welcome jcham12! I wish I'd known about this site earlier in my pain "career"! No one can know everything to help another, but the support is SO needed, especially if one isn't getting support elsewhere, or not enough! One thing that is hard on Fentanyl is showers. At 1st, I tried taping plastic segments over my patch (started out on one), but it didn't work. The best thing I've done with it, is to do a "navy shower", where you get wet, turn the shower off, soap up and scrub, turn shower back on, and then with the opposite hand, fully cover your patch tightly at the top so water and soap won't go through the patch(s), rinse that side, then do the same on the other side if you end up with 2 patches. Even with being that careful, the patch may be halfway loose. Just get out of the hot environment of the shower room, and hold the patch down for 30 seconds or more, and mine have all stayed on.
    I'll say this for Fentanyl: having it on did make me FEEL, well, medicated, it gives you the feeling, man it's on me, and it's coursing through my veins, etc! And just check the patch(s) every once in a while, taking a t-shirt off sometimes can pull it off, if it's loose at one end, etc. I wore them on both shoulders, and when I replaced them on the 3rd day, I'd go a little lower, or a little higher, so that when I took the old one off, that patch of skin could "heal". Sometimes underneath it would be red and slightly wet, but otherwise the patches didn't bother my skin. You are right to Want to try it, and TO try it! I always thought there was something out there that would alleviate my pain, and I have to admit, Fentanyl, along with the dilaudid did more for me than probably anything else! I hope you get it, and it works for you!
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