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Please help!!! Considering Axialif for L5-S1, out patient surgery what to expect



  • Hello Linda! My name is Yvette Vegerano. I am a 39 year old elementary school teacher. I have had 2 herniated discs for 10 years now(2 herniated discs & an annular tear-L4 & L5) It has progessively gotten worse of course, and I think I am ready for AxiaLif surgery. I was so happy to read your success story. Good for you. I am scheduled to have my pocedure done in December. I figured It would be most benefitial to wait until December because my students won't miss as much, since we'll go into Christmas break... I'm a little worried about the procedure not being successful, since I have three young children of my own. Can you please email me or call me. Maybe you can tell me how you are feeling now, since it's been over a year... Again, I am so happy for you. I hope I am just as lucky, God bless. Yvette from NY. My number is 917-371-2597 & my email is yvettevegerano@aol.com
  • I am praying all goes well for you. I too have problems with these three area the L5S1 is bone to bone and meds only help temporary. I sit all day and it only makes things worse.

    My pain doctor suggested having only the L5S1 but if the L4 is already leaking and deteriorating why not do the L4 also and take time to heal. I am not in a hurry to return to work because this will only injure what we are trying to repair.

    Please update on your progress. I see my nuero until the 28th. My pain starts on the hamstring area behind my leg to the right side of the knee and back to the center up my leg up to my buttocks. The spasms are crazy and I am sick of the meds. I want my life back so bad. This started back in 1996 and it is not getting better.

    Tomorrow I have an MRI on right knee because it keeps locking up or better yet the knee cap goes out and then back and it so tender to place weight on this. I just wonder is all this related to the back problems. My left goes numb if i lift my leg to do my back strecthes. Done it all decompression, injections, chiropracters, therapy and finaly water therapy but i am still in pain. The only time i am not in pain is on the weekends when i rest in between

    May God's Grace be with you!
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  • Had mulit-level XLIF & AXIALIF procedures almost 6 years ago (the first year those procedures were approved by the US FDA). The results: After 6 days in-hospital care plus 16 days in-patient rehab following 9 hours of surgery i WALKED out of the rehab center to my car(my wife was driving). I had been wheelchair bound for a very long time prior to this surgery with severe atrophy of by leg & abdominal muscles. I am still walking. Of course, I still have some pain. My surgeon had said it would be so but i can enjoy life each and every day. I understand my type of DDD is congenital, being shared by all of my uncles and aunts, most cousins on that side of my family, and now my children are showing the beginning stages. PS: My first cousin, same side of the family, had multi-level lumbar surgery done at the same time as mine but done the traditional way, via the abdomen. I talked to her a year later and she told me she was still having substantial pain not so much from the spine but from the abdomen! I'd do it again my way!
  • I had this AxiaLIF back in 2008 after 2 previous surgeries, and no change in symptoms, some even worse. After the Dr kept saying it was a total success and passing me off to another Dr in his practice, I got fed up and saw a new Dr, and simply put the operation was a total failure. All the hardware now needs to come out, and I have to have a 3 level lumbar fusion done, and have to find a another Dr who will do this, as he is not familiar w/ this system. I would not recommend this to anyone, all research I've done since getting this new info shows it is not the slam dunk they portray it as, and was just too new back then to get a wide enough sampling online for me to see that.
  • More than 5 years ago my orthopedic surgeon performed a triple fusion on my lumbar spine including "xlif" procedures on 2 levels and "axialif" on L5-S1. Prior to that surgery I had 2 lumbar discectomies that failed; that is, there was disease in adjacent vertebrae but the surgeon elected NOT to go further than the level we had agreed upon prior to the operations. I had been wheel-chair bound for a very long time before i found this surgeon who informed me that these new procedures had been approved by the FDA only a few months before. Because of the severity of disease and the 9 hours it took to do the repairs, it had to be done on an in-patient basis. Recovery was relative quick but i required weeks of in-patient rehab to regain control of my muscles from long lack of use. I am so pleased that it can be done on an out-patient basis now. Have you had the opportunity to 'google' "axialif"? there is an excellent video describing the process with a flouroscopic step-by-step demonstration. AMAZING!
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