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Magical poke of hope: anyone else has experienced this?

Hello peeps!

I have a herniated disc since about 5 months, and since a couple of weeks now the pain in lower back and leg has been constant and strong enough to prevent normal sleep, and limit my walking to +-10 minutes at 0,000000001 km/h.

But yesterday, during a flare up of the pain after a walk, I started massaging my spine, until I came across a spot near the sacrum that, when poked, "deactivated" the pain in the leg. Release the poke, pain came back.
I kept the pressure for about 5 minutes and it relieved the pain for about 3 hours, until I changed position and it came back.

I tried the poke again before sleeping, but I still woke up after a couple of hours, this time from pain in the lower back, not the leg. The pain wasn't the "normal" electric shock, but as if I had been holding a wrong position for long (I wasn't). It was very intense, and felt like I couldn't "move my ass" to get out of bed, although sensitivity in the leg was normal.

When I managed to stand up, the sensation improved until the pain started shooting down the leg again. Holding pressure in the same spot helped control it though. I went for a walk and was able to double the distance with this technique. Pain comes and goes (which is an improvement from "constant").

Has anybody experienced something similar? It's a relief, specially after 3 months physiotherapy and an epidural didn't seem to work. But I donnow if I can count on this as a long term solution.




  • It sounds lime you are doing some self physical therapy. I also have a method that can almost completely relieve my pain. But it always comes back. I told my Dr that I could be med free if I could stay in bed all day and not move!

    You can show that spot to your physio and maybe they can make it a more permanent thing.
  • Hahaha the magic is ruined indeed! After a great day of *almost* returning to normal life, it was time for my stretching routine... on my belly, push up the torso without rising the hips and... OUCH, pain rushes back in, even more intense. No amount of poking works this time.

    Remember that scene in the Matrix Revolutions when they fly over the clouds and see the sun for a couple of seconds, before falling back down into the apocaliptic scorched land? That.
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