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whats better tramadol or darvacet?

motelman99mmotelman99 Posts: 122
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:19 AM in Pain Medications
is there much differents between -tramadol & darvacet.


  • tramadol, also known as ultram, is non-narcotic although it behaves like one in the body. It can be addicting, but less so than the real deal. darvocet is a narcotic but it is a very weak one. It is also less likely to cause addiction than the heavier-duty narcs like vicodan and percocet, etc.

    I tried ultram twice and it didn't help at all. I regulaly take darvocet and it does help take the edge off although I can tell its significantly weaker than other narcs; I call it a baby narc.

    Why do you ask? Are you considering one over the other? Have you tried each of them? pain meds work differently on everyone; it's usually the case of finding the right one for you.
  • i thought they were alike.no not taking them.
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  • Been on both and they both seem to be not strong enuff, I have always felt the best 2 pain meds without getting something that made me whacke out of my mind is Percocet and Vicodin. :P
  • I agree with you. I am currently taking tradamdol (ultram) after my new physiatrist wouldn't perscribe the percoset my PM had me on. Ultram is almost like taking a sugar pill when you are in real pain.
  • I have tried tramadol twice for several weeks at a time. Tramadol takes a while to build up in your system and has a much longer half life than regular pain killers. It was fairly effective for me as far as pain relief went.

    On the flip side tramadol had some really bad side effects for me. It had a speedy effect and I often could not sleep. It also dropped my IQ by 30-40 points making me feel confused and goofy alot of the time.

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  • It worked for me, but we are all different when it comes to drugs in our bodies. I stopped taking it after talking with my OS, my NS perscribed it for me, the OS told me that it was not good for fusion....have to dig deeper for that information, but he has been correct up to this point.

  • Me, personally? So nice of you to ask. Darv, hands down. Especially if there's no APAP (Darvon or CWE). Takes me far less of the stuff to achieve a comparable feeling versus Tramadol.

    Thats interesting because a CWE with Darvocet is impossible. The active ingredient is not water soluble.
  • The point is now moot though since Darvocet has been taken off the market. I felt it worked great for me and no nausea. Much better than hydrocodone. Doesn't matter anymore.
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