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My neck has a vibration 24/7

For the past month I have had this internal vibrating in my neck/head....it is giving me so much anxiety. The end of April I started having pain in the left temple area and blurriness in my eye. I went to my ENT thinking it sinus related...she ordered a CT of sinus since I have had chronic sinus issues along with having a mastoidectemy in my right ear as a child. Test came back & no sign of sinus infection.
I started to feel that both sides of my head felt full and a very heavy feeling and going down sides of neck. My neck felt tired and a little stiff....part of which I thought was from all the anxiety. The pain in temple has mostly dissipated now but I still have fullness in both sides of ears...went back to the Ent and he said it is not my middle ear.
It is the vibrating that is bothering me the most. I have a hard time trying to sleep when I feel like my head is literally plugged into an outlet.
I have always been active, I worked out 3 days a week (weight training with personal trainer) and hiking and riding mountain bike on weekends. For the past month I have done nothing...my energy is low and I cannot even do 1 plank without my neck shaking.
I went to a neuro who sent me for CT of brain...came back with lesion on white matter of brain which she believed could be from migranes. Next was mri of the brain which was same as CT only looked better, mra of the brain & neck - normal, MRI of cervical spine which I will get results tomorrow.... a 10 second ekg...normal.
You cannot see my head shaking from looking at me...it is all internal...I had my husband feel the back of my neck and he felt the buzzing sensation I was referring to.
I have read the forums and have seen others who have had the same symptons but there is never a answer or conclusion....so I decided to sign up to see if anyone can help me.


  • Rob-VirginiaRRob-Virginia Posts: 1
    edited 07/22/2015 - 10:35 PM
    i have nearly all of the same symptoms you describe, although, i have not had anyone feel the vibration. mine include ringing/buzzing in my ears, dizziness, numbness and achiness in face and upper teeth. i can feel the vibration internally when i swallow, feels like i am interrupting it. also, it frequently feels as if i have pop-rocks stuck behind my soft pallette. i can also feel the vibration at the same frequency of my tinnitus when i run water over my neck in the shower. i too am exhausted and have trouble sleeping. it is consuming me.

    i just started a month of acetizolamide used to treat intracranial hypertension. i've taken it four days and have had some symptoms moderate, especially the numbness in face and teeth. it might be too early to determine if this is the solution or just controlling symptoms. i'll report back soon.

    please, please, please reply with any improvements or remissions that occur. i'm desperate for answers. i want my life back!

    welcome to spine-health
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  • Hi, I want to know if there is any improvement with your situation as I also want my life back. I can no longer exercise and have the same symptoms. 

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  • LizLiz Posts: 9,720

    This is an old discussion created by a member no longer on the forum so I have to close it.


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