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AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
Eight years ago I was diagnoised with L4-L5, S1 disk herniation. I went through a round of edpidurals in my spine at a pain clinic. I had not had any problems with my back since that time. Until, I woke up with a backache on a Sunday morning. By the end of the day, I could barely walk. I went into my PCP's office on Monday and he gave me a round of prednisone, celebrex, and a normal steroid shot in my back. My doctor diagnosed me with sciatica. Here are my symptoms: Numb right foot, pain down the back of my right thigh, right foot swollen, limping, and pain in my lower back on the right side. I am scheduled for a CAT scan on Thursday. I have been able to control the pain up until today with Celebrex, Tylenol and Tylenol PM's. Today, I picked up my cat to comb her and sat down in the chair, and all hell broke loose in my lower back! I am back to having muscle spasms and pain so severe it is causing me to cry. Luckily I have some leftover Vicodin 750's. This is SO frustrating! Do back issues every 'just' go away? I keep hoping and praying. I do NOT want to have surgery.




  • Do back problems just "go away"? I wouldn't say never, but if you have real damage, it will always be there.

    I treated myself for 30 years with the help of every Dr and treatment available and still ended up having surgery 12 days ago.

    I withstood the pain as long as I could, then had to admit that my approach just wasn't working anymore. Towards the end, I was in misery - No, worse than misery, my body just about shut down because the pain was so intense.

    Your body and then your mind will tell you how much you can stand. I suggest you do what you know you have to do.
  • I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I herniated a previously bulging disc and the pain was so intense that after the 7 weeks it took to get seen by a surgeon, I would have agreed to anything.

    So keep an open mind.

    At least once you have had a CAT scan you will know what your options are.

    Personally for me, if i could have had the surgery earlier i would do it in a heartbeat now....but i understand it doesnt always work out the same for each person.

    Rest up, use that hot water bottle....and dont worry about those tears...you just cant do it when the pain is that intense.

    I hope you get some help soon
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  • :) hi and welcome to the forum! we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. i am sorry you are in such severe pain. hang tight and maybe try an injection. being stressed out will only add to your pain. i hope you try other conservative treatments that might be available. i have severe sciatica and do stretching and walking to help. swimming is terrific if you can access a pool. keeping mobile without overdoing it is very important. good luck and i hope to see you around the forum! Jenny :)
  • Thanks everyone!

    Yep, this will be my third time at all of this. The other 2 times it was the same L4-L5, S1. This feels exactly the same. The only difference is that the pain is down my other leg. I already have permanent numbness in my left foot. Honestly, if I had to have surgery, I would. As, I said it was 8 years since I went through this before. It is funny how fast you can forget about the pain, when you are not living/breathing it everyday.

    What is up with the timing? I first went to my PCP one month ago. Last Thursday was when I got the appointment for the CAT scan for this week. My supervisor is coming in from out of state to do our mid year reviews on Tuesday - Thursday. This really sucks. I already have called off for tomorrow. I am hoping that there is something that my PCP can do to make my back work. Where is that magic wand??? :(

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