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got my CT results

yonayyona Posts: 44
Started PT

Was also asked to swim. But this is too painful.

I am not happy with my spine...

We'll see an ortho this week.


  • Sorry to hear that you have too much pain to swim. Good luck with your ortho visit.
    Keep positive!


    ...an old timer here and ex-moderator

  • Hi Yona.... i know what that is like :(

    My PT asked me to swim, and i nearly sank! The surgeon told me that my back was far too weak to be swimming.

    I actually found that walking up and down the pool was all i could do. Of course, i did try other exercises but the pain the next day was excruciating.

    For me, walking in the pool was easier than walking normally...but don't over do it.

    ALl the best.
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  • Well Yona, the good thing about this forum is that no one minds listening to you whinge. Man, you should check out my first posts lol.

    I am sorry the ortho was not of any use to you. Maybe you can get a second opinion,and at least someone who can give you a treatment and pain management plan.

  • The ortho said everything is OK with me, and the pains will go. My bone density is much highr than I thought so there are no fructures. I am not a candidate for a surgery so he said something like - you are not interesting case. Go away.

    I end with not knowing what I have (apart from a bulging disk and an herniated one (both in my lumbar spine), but what is it around my D8?
    And why is my bottom and leg so painful that I can hardly
    Meaning? I become a couch potato spending my vacation feeling so bad.

    PT (4 times so far) hasn't help
    I was recommended to see that "healer" (I don't believe I am doing that) who moves his hand over the patient the Tibetic way (no touching so at least no damage is done ;)

    I just needed to vent.
    People around me don't want to hear my complains anymore.
    Actually I can't blame them.
    Y.S IL
  • Because there must be a spectrum of treatments between nothing and a surgery.
    I should also correct my spelling mistakes ;) before submitting.
    Thanks formefire.
    People here are very creative with names :) I am here with my real name which in Hebrew is the name of the prophet who was swollen by a whale. But it is also the bird that Noah sent out of the arc.
    I can hardly sit but I'm gonna see your first posts...

    Hope you feel better as a result of whining or just time...
    Y.S IL
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  • I like that name! What a meaning.

    You may feel like its all the end, but just when you think you can't take it any more you get spat out on the beach :)

    I hope you are feeling much better today
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