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edited 09/07/2015 - 8:49 PM in Pain Medications
Iam a chronic patient since 1991...I have had 3 spine surgeries, and have severe spinal stenosis, Fibro, and
additional debilitating conditions, that now iam almost bedridden...Iam in pain 24/7...I have consulted many
specialist, surgeons, and Ortho and Neurologist, and all have agreed that there is no specific procedure,
or therapy, or surgery, that will make my 'chronic' pain improve, other that take 'pain meds' for the rest
of my life, to keep me 'comfortable in order to function at least within my limits..

I went thru all the known, pains meds, as they came out, since 1991....After hundreds of trials with different
pain meds, Fentanyl, Methadone, Oxxy, Dilaudid, etc etc...I ended up just taking 30 Mg of Sulfate Morphine
Instant release...3x per day....The 60mg Extended release didn't work for me at all...I slept all day, and was
like a 'zombie'......so. for the last 6-7 yrs...I have kept, my 30Mg Morhine, IR 3x a day....I have no contridictions
or after effects, just occasional constipation, but nothing else..i have tolerated this med very well for the last
6-7 yrs.

Here is my problem...Since my regular PCP, who was prescribing my regular Pain Med, my Morphine 30mg IR
3x per day...for the last 7 yrs. He had to 'retire' and at age 77 he finally closed his office and told all of his
Pain Mgmt Patients to look for a new Pain Mgmt Physician..

This is where my 'personal hell' started...after many tries, finding a Pain Med Dr that would accept my
Insurance, I finally found one, in San Diego, Ca...AT first, he kind of was skeptical as to why I was on
Morphine for such a long time...I explained, and 'showed' to him, all the Rx I have gone thru the years
and found that my current meds were the only ones that took care of my pain..kept me confortable
in a 7 range pain..10 being the worst.....he tried to 'lower' my meds, then he went ahead, and reduced
the amount of pills I would get from 160 pills per 30 days, to 60 per month...making me 'suffer' with
pain, and withdrawel symptoms thu 2 months, untl I ended up in the ER due to pain meds withdrawels
and excruciating pain...then the next month, he gave me more pills per month..still not enough to
cover my whole month, I went thru the same, my body just gave up in pain...I provided, this Dr with
all my MRI's , surgeries, consultations, ultrasounds, and all the surgical consultations, and my Disability
papers from the State of Ca..he looked at my body, with all the 'scars' from multiple surgeries, thru the years
still he was like ;couldn't believe I was a 'legitimate pain patient.: he felt a lot of people, 'abuse' the system
and make money selling the drugs they get prescribed, but Iam 62 yrs old, permanently disabled, and
have multiple surgeries thru the years, and all the 'paperwork' backing me up as a legitimate pain patient.

Now, finally he gave in, after 'putting me thru the ringer' and even my previous Dr, and the pharmacist wrote him
letters that they have known me thru the years and that I don't 'abuse' my medication...Plus, that is the only
medication I take...I have no other condition, like Hgh Blood Pressure or Diabetes or anything else than my
chronic pain and Fatigue....

Now this month, couple of days ago...I went, for my 'monthly' meds, the nurse, before I went into the
room, I told her I had to 'urinate'..and she said 'fine, go ahead'...well, the Dr asked me that I had to get
another MRI, that the one I had on Jan 2015 was 'old' and he needed to have a new one..i said no problem,
He then left the room, and a nurse came in and 'asked' me to 'DONATE A URINE SAMPLE...and I said
"donate" what is that"...you mean a 'test like drug testing"..and she said 'yeah...well...I told her , I just
voided my bladder, I don't think I cant just urinate on Cue...but I will try...I stood, in the restroom for
20 mins and started to drink lots of water, cause I certainly didn't have the 'urge' to go...well to make
a short story ;short' I was in the bathroom for 2 1/2 hrs...amd was in pain, due to the 'sitting' and
I was 'due' my next pain meds....so I started to 'sweat', shortness of breath, I had a panic attack,
and was in a lot of pain, I was crying and couldn't sit down anymore, my whole body just gave out.

well, they 'didn't care'..plus they 'told me' if you don't 'urinate in the cup' we 'cannot give you your
prescription for you meds.....and the DR left he office about an hour ago, but he did leave the
prescription, but we cannot give it to you if you don't 'urinate in the cup...you're going to hav
to come back in 4 days to talk to him....

well, I was 'appalled' by this kind of 'treatment'...where is the compassion?...is this really our new
"healthcare'??....my daughter had to speak to all the staff all the way to the office manager, and
told them, if something happens to me, because you are not providing her with her 'meds' and
she 'ends' up in the ER room, again, due to you policies, which by the way, we don't even
remember 'signing' anything to agree with such 'policy' .......now, I never said I 'refuse' to give
a urine example....I don't care...take all my urine and fecal samples everytime I come in and
go ahead and take xrays, or ekgs or anything that will 'satisfy' you that iam in pain....

For those 2 1/e hrs that I was in the bathroom. I took of my clothes to feel cold' I let the
water run for the longest, I cried, I prayed, I got down on my knees to ask for ' some help.
It was hummilating to 'beg' for your pains meds, to ask them to have empathy, to ask them
for 'compassion'...to put themselves in my place, or their mother in my place, would they
allow medical staff treat them like they did to me??....

I was just in 'shock and in disbilef? that a simple office visit to get your monthly meds
would turn into a nightmare...

I just couldnt' urinate...on 'cue'...I had no 'liquids to urinate...plus, a patient who has been taking
meds for so long, their 'bodies' do not process, bodily fluids like healthy normal people...
and I asked her, cant you 'urinate on cue'...right, you cant....who does???...

So after, my daughter, threatned them that if something happened to me, she would 'call' every
association and any medical agency that is willing to listen to this 'barbaric' treatment that
I received....from the "DR" that claims to have my 'best interest in my health"...

I need, to ask, has any of you, have gone thru this 'nightmare' in obtaining you pain meds/?
and I you have, who can I contact, or can I report this Facility and Physician?...

what can I do, I do depend on my medication, to 'control' the intensity of my pain..
I do not take anything else, but pain meds.....iam otherwise healthy...

Thank you for listening to my story, and I hope none of you are 'treated and humilated' this way..


  • LizLiz Posts: 8,835
    edited 09/07/2015 - 8:49 PM
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  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 11,347
    is becoming more of the 'norm' today.

    Especially for
    • Patients changing their doctorsPatients who have been on pain medications for extended periods of time
    As with all chronic pain patients, I think it is important to understand that pain medications is not the only answer to manage the situation.

    So many people, similar to your situation, with many more problems, etc have learned how the The Blend helps them in their daily lives.

    In reading your thread, two things come to mind.. (1) Being at a pain level of 7 as normal, what conservative or aggressive actions do doctors have for you? and (2) I'd be concerned about the withdrawal situation, especially since it seemed to happen so quickly for you.

    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
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  • I just wanted to say how sorry I am this happened to you. It's always embarrassing when they make a big deal out of something in the Doctor's office. For heavens sake, you've been a chronic pain patient since 1991 so why couldn't they just give you your meds, let you go pick them up and then come back for the darn test. Well at least they have you back on the dosage that works for you. I will keep you in my prayers.

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