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L5-S1 double microdicectomy recovery (PAIN)

Primez06PPrimez06 Posts: 1
Greeting all!!!!! I have been reading for weeks on this site and finally decided to sign up and get involved as frustrations are setting in! I had a double microdicectomy about 6 weeks to potentially correct moderately herniated disk that would flare up about 2-3 times a year. I am 30 years old. Extremely active up until surgery. Worked out 6 days a week abs been dealing with chronic back pain for about 4 years now. It's something I just learned to live with a fight through even though there were many things I couldn't do in the gym that I wanted. After my last spell by simply stating up I got that pain in my lower back and shortly after my muscles got tight in trying to protect the nerves and by the next day I couldn't move much. This is an episode I'm sure most people have all gone through if you have dealt with back problems. This was beginning to happen more and more often so I decided to have something done about it. Got referred to one of the best doctors in Dallas Texas and had my surgery. Following surgery I was never comfortable. Hurting from the moment I went home. I was actually almost back to Normal going into surgery as it was 3 weeks after my spell. I was in so much pain I got rushed to hospital the following day after surgery. They said I was more muscular than normal in my lower back so my muscles were just having a hard time calming down and that was causing pain. So I made it through a week pretty much just laying in bed the whole time. At my 2 week check up could still barely walk and they perscribed me the prednisone steroid pack. And told me to check in in two weeks. It did absolutely nothing. So they prescribed another one. About 3-4 weeks post surgery I got minimal improvements so I was optimistic and thought it was getting better. When my second steroid pack was out my sciatic nerve started going crazy. I never even new what sciatic pain really was until now. I feel like every time I got out of bed or stood up I would get a massive cramp and sharp pain in my butt that would go down my leg to my calf. This got worst over a few days before it got better. After week 5 I called doctor and they agreed to let me get an mri. I got mri and had my 6 week post op appointment and my mri looked extremely good. The doctor said he looked over surgery notes and there was nothing out of ordinary and that there was nothing on mri that looked bad. In fact he said it looked great. He said that few people just have a rough recovery and it takes longer for the nerves to heel. He called them the unlucky ones and just said I happened to me one of them. But feels confident I will be ok. I'm just super concerned because I never had these issues prior to surgery and now i can barely walk or do anything. Sitting makes it worst. Even when I lay now I feel a constant pain in my butt. My doctor gave me another steroid pack and wants to see me back at 12 weeks. If anyone has any input that would be great!!! I'm just scared this pain won't go away given everyone is usually feeling better after 6 weeks.


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