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any uk people



  • spicey, i am in halifax nr leeds/bradford. I am doing really good since surgery, although i do have off days where i just ache all day but 30 days out it is to be expected i think, Although i have made a rod for my own back recovering so well so soon, as when i told hubby i was in a bit of pain he started panicing and asking what i have been doing it, and giving me third degree!!! he has been so good though, does not let me do much around house, he is mr.mum!! in the 2 weeks following my fusion, he looked after me, our 3 kids, did all washing, cooking, cleaning, ironing etc, and managed to decorate kitchen and stairway!!! even when i was good i was never that good!!!! i am sooooo lucky to have him, x x
  • ive had spinal fusion s1-l5 and laminectomy my consultant on holiday and seem to get pushed from pillar to post went to see if my doc would give me pain releif they said im on the strogest they can give me i have numbness in my right breast and underneath im just trying to find out if there is something wrong or if this is normal im in so much pain as all im on is co-codomal alergic to tramadol so had to stop taking them its really getting me down now
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  • got a mate in halifax lol no seen her for a while though x
  • He sounds brilliant! You need to make sure you are always upfront about your pain levels though. I've seen is so often when spouses suddenly think you're all cured now and the help stops. :O

    Take care and keep up the good recovery !
  • I am an Aussie, so figure that is close enough decendant to the Brits to be from the UK.
    And in my heart Britian is my home.

    My best friend is also a RN in Surrey, she is in charge of the ortho ward.

    Just figured as I seem to one of a few I'd climb aboard. :D

    Blessings Sara
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  • I am British, born and bred in Yorkshire, but I moved to Denmark 16 years ago, when I met and married a Dane. I have lived in London for 5 years or so and did my nurse training in Cheshire, worked A&E and theatre and have also worked in Letchworth a while.
    I had a L4-S1 fusion in April `07, and just recently I have found the reason for my continuing pain is Non-fusion and all the screws are wobbling about in there, so I am due for my 2nd fusion in September-ish.

    I was wondering if you have been to your GP and asked him about all the pain you have, Is co-codamol the strongest you can tolerate or just the strongest the Doc will give you? You must have had something stronger immediately post-op, which you could tolerate, I had oxynorm and oxycontin, the lowest doses, 10 & 5 mg , and was off them again at about 7-8 weeks post op.

    If Doctors do not hear from you , they assume you are fine and coping , so you need to keep contacting them and pestering them, I am afraid ( I invested in a speaker phone, so I could hobble about whilst on hold !)

    I do hope you find a solution soon, and I wish you all the best for your recovery.

  • Hi Jinty, I'm another Brit, I live on the Bucks/Berks border (west of London).

    I had a laminectomy last year at L4-5 and had a re-do plus foramenectomy and discectomy L4-5 and L5-S1. This year I have had artificial discs put in C5-6 and 6-7.

    I'm afraid you will have to keep hassling the doctors and their secretaries to get some answers. I found the worst part of all this was the waiting and chasing everyone up but I think they are used to it - don't worry, they wont take it personally.

    There is alot of experience on here - ask away, someone will have the answers for you.

  • went to doc to tell them im not coping with the pain co-codomal is the strongest they can give me had morphine after op but i had wheels so they had to stop giving me it consultant supposed to be calling me tomorrow not holding my breath though xx
  • lol

    I'm from London but I don't live in London I live outside, not too far though, in Guildford. I travel to see my spinal surgeon, he's in London! I had fusion by him in 2006 for scoliosis. He's brill!

    Feel free to PM me anyone if you wanna chat about anything,

    Lyss xx
  • Jinty,

    You need to keep phoning the consultants secretary and insist that she make you a walk in appointment for his next clinic. This means that although his clinic is booked up, you will be added to the list and may have a wait until the other patients are seen. Alternatively, you can see his registrar as you've already been seen by the consultant and he can advise you on the next steps. You have to be persistant otherwise you won't get an appointment.

    Also, go to see you gp and see if they can give you some analgesics that will help. There are a lot on the market and I'm sure they can get one that suits you.

    I hope you get an appointment v soon but if your pain persists and you're not getting any answers from the hospital then go to an NHS WalkIn Centre or A&E.

    You could also email your consultant too. Log onto the trusts website and see if they are listed. It's the christian name.surname@your hospitals abb.nhs.uk

    Hope this helps. Keep us posted.

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