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DDD plus herniated disc

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
I have had DDD for awhile, but recently I developed a herniated disc.

I will be seeing a surgeon that specializes in disectomies.

However, one of things I need to sort out is pain from herniated disc vs. discogenic pain. I know that a disectomy can't do much for discogenic pain.

The decision the perform surgery would need to be made based on pain from the herniation and I'm trying to figure out whether the herniation is bothering me or if it is discogenic pain.

My MRI shows herniated disc 3mm into the left lateral recess. The herniation is 1 cm wide.

Symptoms: I have pain that switches from side to side. The sciatica is mostly in my thighs. It does not shoot down my leg into my feet.

I do have weakness in my leg, but I don't notice the weakness until I exercise. (By exercise, I mean lumbar stabilization. For instance, if I try to strengthen the calf I can't tolerate as many reps as I should. Same with my feet. Exercise that requires balance is also very challenging)

I do have diffuse symptoms in my feet, such as weak toes, my outer toes dangle outward.

Also, for the past 18 months I have had burning red feet. (This is my worst symptom and the doctors will need to determine if this is from radiculopathy)

What aggravates my symptoms: Sitting. It kills me. Also, standing and reaching. I also get muscle spasms easily while exercising.

My EMG's are abnormal. But, they have been abnormal when I only had bulging discs.

My detailed history is below.

Can anyone give me pointers on discogenic pain vs. herniated disc pain?

Thank You Very Much.


  • Linda, you have a lot going on.

    I wish I could help. Have you been tested for spondylolisthsis? Some of your symptoms sound like mine. The only time my feet get bad is when I eat chinese food and the salt causes me to bloat- my feet are the worst.

    Good luck,

  • My orginal MRI postings were based on what my GP told me over the phone.

    Today, I got my films and I got my hand on the report.

    It turns out, I also have stenosis. The burning feet is probably some type of claudification...

    Boo Hoo........

    I thought I had one herniated disc and now this.....

    The updated MRI results are in my signiature.

    I'm so sad....

    Julie: From your signature it appears that spondololythesis needs to be diagnosed via xray?

    I wish you luck with your surgery. I don't know if I'm a candidate for fusion,... at least yet.
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