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Sudden jerky pain at night. Help!!!

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:19 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I often wake in the early hours of the morning with an intense pain in my spine and literally screaming with the pain. In my sleep I have suddenly pulled my knees to my chest and often twisted as well and I am assuming that this is what has caused the pain.
Once I get over the shock and realise that if I move the pain will go then I can gently move and it does get better. It is like a knife in my back when it is at its worst.
After a few minutes all is fine unless I drop off to sleep again and then I wake again to the whole thing over.

I dont get this every night but it seems to come for a few nights then a few nights off.
Has anyone else had this or something similar.
I am stil taking oxycontin SR twice a day and Endone several a day.

I also get a pain in my left butt check but this is not realted as I know it is just musclular,

Any help or advice is greatly needed by me and my neighbours upstairs who I am sure I wake up contstantly with my screaming. :jawdrop: (I hate to think what they are thinking)

Blessings Sara


  • After about two weeks I woke up with horrible muscle spasms that made me yell out loud. It lasted for four or five seconds for each one but gradually got better that night. I have some since, but none like that first one. I really think mine happened because I over did it thinking I was feeling better. I am now about 14 weeks out and wake up about every two hours due to tightness in my back and I can feel the spasm wanting to kick in if I move to much, so I get up and usually stretch in a chair and sleep in my recliner for the rest of the night. The tightness doesn't last as long now, but I hate the feeling that a spasm might happen unless I get out of bed after two hours. I weary silky shorts to make it easier to manuever in bed, which helps a lot.
  • Muscle relaxers can definitely help. I had a bad habit of getting into funky positions in my sleep and then waking up in pain....I still do. I have a wedge that I sleep with. It keeps my knees/feet propped up during the night, but also forces me to sleep on my back and not twist into odd positions. I still try to move in my sleep, but since I get "hung up" on the wedge, it doesn't get too ugly. I can also use it between my legs/knees to lay on my side. :)
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  • I know EXACTLY what youre talking about. I get woke up in my sleep with those quick jerky movements caused by the spasms of the muscles in my back or wake up with my arm stretched out "grabbing the air" from the pain of the spasms. I have even almost been thrown off my side of the bed with the intense spasms.
    I take Flexeril for the spasms but it doesnt work all the time. I usually take one before bedtime in hopes in can stifle the spasms a little but it doesnt work every night.
    It would be interesting to see how many ppl have this problem.

    Christina :)
  • :D Christina that is so right. I have even torn the sheet from gripping it so tightly with the pain. :jawdrop:
    I do take valium before bed and in the morning but obviously this doesn't help all the time.
    I am now keeping a list of things I do each day to see if I can find any pattern.
    Last night was the best sleep in 5 nights and I didn't sit in my lounge chair last night. So I will do the same the next few nights and see what happens.

    ALCB, I so wish I could sleep on my back. For some reason it seems to be the worst position for me. I could when I was in hospital and rehab but since I've been home it seems to make things worse and I avoid it. Even with pillows under my legs.

    Corwinteach, I do get up during the night a few times. Have a walk around, go to the bathroom etc. Occassionally I am too tired and cold (winter here) to get out of bed so I just lie there and do stretches and some exercises the PT gave me.

    Oh well hopefully the diary might help come to the core of it. Thanks all for replying.
  • yeah, no one told me about them until I found myself clinging to the headboard one night, it was just as if I was hit by a tractor. Oh and each time I sneezed I would collapsed on the floor.
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  • Yep! Know that feeling. :P
    The physio doesn't seem to know what causes it but I am to see the surgeon again next week so it will be on my list for sure.
    I'll let you know.

    Blessings Sara
  • I thought I had the spasms under control with Flexerill and the extended release at bedtime. Had only been taking the Flexerill once a day. Then I woke up this morning trying to get the cats to massage my leg. No luck there.
    I too may have overdone the recliner yesterday since I had company. I will see how today goes. My PCP wants me to realize I just have to toughen up and get through it. Yeah, right! I am tough enough.
  • Malaw, what good are cats if you cant get them to massage you when you need it most. I say fire them! :D

    Yep, recliners feel great at the time but as they are comfy it is easy to overdo it.

    I have been taking magnesium cell salts which are a slow release and this seeme to have helped. No jerks (except my neighbours screaming at eachother) since I started taking it. Still I will check with the Dr as to the cause.

    Hope you get a better sleep tonight.

  • My spasms finally calmed down and I havent had any in a few nights, however, I still take my flexeril every night before bedtime. I'm too scared they'll start all over again.
    Glad yours has calmed down with the magnesium.

    Best Wishes,
    Christina :)
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