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Post opp numbness

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:19 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
20 days ago i had an operation and had L4 and L5 disks replaced, the spine was then bolted together with Titanium as apposed to being fused.

since then i have had numbness in both sets of toes, as well as my left side left leg calk.

can anyone advise as to how long this will continue?


  • Rob, did you have numbness before your surgery or not.
    Often numbness post surgery is just a sign of inflamation and goes away but you have to be patient.
    If you had numbness before it may not go away but that will depend on your surgery and what the Dr told you.
    Have you told him about the numbness????

    I am 10 weeks post op and often get a bit of numbness in one leg or foot or the other, but unlike pre surgery when I change position it goes straight away so I am not worried about it.

    Hope you get better soon

    Blessings Sara
  • I had sudden new numbness in my right leg within 12 hours of surgery - it turned out that I needed a second surgery 48 hours post op.

    That was today - -

    NS went in and widened spinal canal and cleared out stuff, but also thinks it might have been an allergic reaction to the bone growth hormone -


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  • I had pretty much the same surgery 24 days ago and I still have numbness and tingling in 4 toes on my left foot as well as in my left calf. It is normal from what my Dr said. If you are really concerned, please contact your Dr.
  • I had numbness and tingling in my both feet prior to the surgery and I still had it afterwards. The doctor said it was nerve damage and that it might eventually work itself out or it may not. Have to give it time and wait and see. I also had tingling in my left hand before my cervical surgery last september which stayed afterwards and I still have to this day. I can live with it if I have to. Anything is better than the pain.

    Take Care,
    Christina :)
  • 3 level fusion 24 weeks ago. Not only did my NS fuse together L3,4,5, I had a hairline fracture at the S-1(that occured right at time of job related injury, so it WAS a work-comp thing for 11 months, after jumping through their hoops for 11 months, 3 of their surgeons saying I needed a 3 level, then they sent me to a 4th opinion, "surgery denied") anyway, I ended up going to MY OWN HEALTH insurance provider to see if they would help me. They did, and my NS said "how rediculas w/c IS, leaving me in excrutiating pain for that length of time, and that I definately needed a 3 level fusion. Thus, I'm in the middle of a huge lawsuit!!! Court is finally here at the end of August, but their side doesn't want it to go to court, so their making a settlement. YEAH for me, it's going to be around 250k!!!! right on!!! Idiots

    Anyway, calcium had built up over that hairline fracture, and there were bone spurs. So while he was in there doing my fusion, he cleaned up the S-1, filing down bone.

    So after my surgery, I was left with a totally numb left leg. Couldn't feel a thing. But it started slowly shrinking. My visiting nurse got a kick out of me, cause I was taking a marker everyday, drawing around the numbness just to watch the shrinking.

    Millie told me from this web-site that there was "probably bone fragments left behind pinching on a nerve". Made sense! My NS didn't quite clean it up good enough before closing me back up with my 38 staples.

    Now, I'm 24 weeks post-op, and I'm left with my left knee cap, up the inside of my thigh (left) STILL NUMB!!! It quit shrinking. I still use a cane because I can't feel the mechanics of my knee-cap working, so I'm a little worried about falling. Every once in a while I get a sharp pain in there, so I guess it's trying to heal, I don't know. But I'm 6 months, and it's still there. I HOPE it goes away. But I'll be darned if I go back in just to have him open me up, to clean that out. NO WAY!!! I'll just live with it and deal with it the rest of my life first!!!
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  • Hey Lynnsy,

    Now I want a marker!! Not that the area has changed for me yet. It will though, just got to heal those irritated and fried nerves in there!

    I have had a new sensation start today - but it's probably not a good thing: I feel like there is a cramp in my arch. I can't really fell it well, but that's the only way I can think to describe it.

    When I walk today I've noticed a sinking kind of feeling in my right hip. By the time I'm half-way round the nurses station my left back is really feeling the strain and the left thigh starts to shake. Hope I'm just weak today and not a sign of things to come. I'll bring it up with the NS today when he visits.

  • I had my surgery on 6/26/08 and also have numbness in 4 toes on my left foot that I didn't have before. I have numbness in my right foot from having a neuroma removed about a year ago. As you can imagine, putting on shoes (especially flip-flops) or long pants can be quite an ordeal. I also have a burning, numbing feeling in my left butt check--is this normal? I'm thinking that maybe that part hasn't fully woke up from the surgery. Any ideas about how long that will take to go away?

    I am still in quite a bit of pain--still taking hydrocodone about every 6 hours. I can't stand up and walk but for about 20 minutes at a time until the pain gets so bad I have to go back to bed. Am I just being a wuss? Should I push through the pain and make myself be up more? I'm 64 and in terrible physical shape anyway. Thanks for your thoughts.

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