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36 hour post op

saltzworksssaltzworks Posts: 1,032
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:19 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi all,

Still doing real well as far as pain levels. Despite a lot of moving around I was able to go for 8 hours with no medications. No nausea stuff, no muscle relaxant or morphine. I am achy and stiff, but I stay at a zero as long as I don't move.

I think I am finally convinced that I do not feel pain like other people. My husband has long told me that I must be a little inhuman in that I have very high pain tolerance.

But, that's the good news, there are some complications that have sprung up. The numbness in my right leg has increased to the point that it feels wooden. I can still feel pressure, but not pinpricks. I can walk on it, but it just feels funny. Prior to surgery the left leg was the problem leg. Never the right.

So, I spent last night getting a CT scan, then an hour-long MRI. Both were okay to deal with. Painful to maneuver in and out of the wheelchair and onto the tables, but bearable.

Now, after talking to the NS this morning I am going back in for surgery at noon.

I believe we are checking for bleeding and or some movement of the bone filler whatever majiggy stuff they put in there ;) He wants me to be 100%. I told him that as long as the numbness was in my bad ankle I would gladly trade numbness for the pain I've had since I broke it.

Oh, did I clarify? I have had no BACK pain in the right leg. But, I HAVE had 3 recent ankle surgeries on that right ankle. I broke it in the car accident, but did not know about the break for 4 months - 4 months of PT for what was thought to be a sprain.

I'll update when I can. And... I think I need some luck, the nausea stuff is probably what caused the problems and it's probably the anesthesia that makes me toss cookies :sick: I might be in for another rough night.


  • I really hope the surgery is a success and your leg numbess is sorted out. Sorry to hear you have been vomiting, as someone that had hyperemesis gravidarum (terrible morning sickness requiring hospitalisation!) for part of 2 pregnanies I can fully sympathise with the nausea.

    Oh - and one thing to warn you about is zofran causes really bad constipation!

    Keep us posted on the surgery results.

  • I really think you are on your way. A lot of what you are feeling may be due to the effects of anesthesia. I have a terrible time recovering from that stuff.

    Anyway, I wish you nothing but the best and as always stay positive, relax, and let others tend to you hand an foot :)
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  • Hi Amy,

    Why is it that good news has to be followed by the bad? But on the positive side, you have no pain after your PLIF, and your other problems had been detected very promptly, so hopefully they can be resolved with the new surgery.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed. Please let us know what happened as soon as you can.

    Wishing you the best,

  • Another surgery this quick saltz?! How yucky.
    Good luck and Ill cross my fingers that this does the trick.

    Christina :)
  • hi all,

    Or am I now almost 5 hours post op? Depends on which surgery I guess. (well, and how long it is taking me to hunt and peck type with an oxygen monitor, IV and blood pressure cuff on)

    Oh, just remembered - I was surprised that there is a drain that is in my back - kind of freaky to see a tube of blood going into an accordian thingy when I first woke up the first time.

    I am doing very well all things considered and am in a very good mood.

    CT scan last night was inconclusive.
    On call NS ordered MRI
    After review they decided it's not an emergency, and would leave decision up to my NS in the morning - this is how we ended up deciding to go back in for the second surgery this afternoon.

    Went into holding at noon.
    Surgery (reopening and wound exploration)started at 1:50
    Closed up and moved to recovery at 3:50

    My hematicrit was at a 26 (normal is 40 and above I think)
    and they warned me that I might need blood.

    It turned out that I used 2 units of blood. In order to have donated my own blood supply, I should have done it at least 2 weeks pre-op.

    There was no obvious culprit to blame for the rt. leg numbness, but NS did move some material (he used another word, but I don't remember it) out of the spinal canal, there was some edema and he also wonders if I was having an allergic reaction to the bovine hormone growth agent. He opened up the canal - so a 'freight train could get through' LOL and closed it back up.

    I was also being given a huge steroid dose to reduce inflammation last night and prior to second surgery.

    I felt extremely dry mouthed and chokey, short on breath upon waking.
    oxygen and ice chips were wonderful.

    I am now on Zofran every 6 hours, no matter what and 4 mg of morphine up to every 2 hours. My stomach is doing good and I am a happy camper.

    Kin - I'm starting on graham crackers and stool softeners - thanks for the heads up on the zofran

    Pain is low, but sharp now instead of the achey pains I had after surgery #1.

    It also looks like I will be here until Sat. or Sun./ PLIF done on Monday, wound exploration was today (Wed.)

    I'm still working on getting some home help or a rehab center - everyone seems to have done so much better when they have done rehab upon release.

    Hope these updates are useful to others here, I know that I for one, am an information junky and the more info I can find the better prepared I feel.

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  • Whoops - that Zofran heads up was from you Cheeka!!

  • As you know I am having the same surgery on this monday and I have been sooo nervous about if it would HURT really bad when I woke up but you have relieved my mind...I THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!

    I am sooo glad that you are doing soo well:)
  • I am in awe, Amy, two surgeries in less than four days and you are already on line telling us about it.

    Thank you for making this effort. You went through a lot, so now just try to relax, follow doctors' orders and truly begin your recovery. Hopefully this second surgery will help you greatly.

    Keep us posted when you can, but remember, your comfort and well being is more important.

    Get well soon!



  • Glad to hear that you are doing OK from the second surgery. Hope that takes care of the numbness.

    Try to rest and thanks for updating us! Thinking of you!
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