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Anti-Embolilsm Stockings

kartracerkkartracer Posts: 8
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:19 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
L5-S1 ALIF on 7/14. Before surgery, they had me put on a pair of stockings that cover my feet up to my upper thigh. They are to prevent blood clots.

At discharge I was told to wear them for 6 weeks. I am allowed to leave them off while washing them for a few hours at a time.

Did anyone else have these things? I want to be a good boy, but they are uncomfortable and I can't imagine keeping them for 6 weeks.


  • I hear ya those things are uncomfortable. My instructions were to wear them until I was up and on my feet most of the day 1 or 2 weeks. Those things are so itchy I couldn't stand it but I suffered through. It's probably a good idea to wear them. 6 weeks seems like a long time though. They are basically for if you are laying in bed most of the time to prevent blood clots from laying down and having had the surgery. Maybe it's an extra precaution though just from having the surgery even if you aren't laying down a lot. For me once I was up and out of bed on a regular basis and not laying down all day they said I didn't need to wear them anymore.

  • i wa s told to keep them on for 6 weeks but since i was walking the day after surgery i took them off as my knees were swelling up and ive not had any problems my legs ached while i wore them now nothing x
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  • Like some of the previous posting, I had the same experience. I had to wear them in the hospital and they even put that compression machine on my legs periodically. But once I was at rehab, getting dressed and walking around frequently, I no longer had to wear them. Ask your Dr. if you can stop wearing them once you are more active or is there a special reason why you would have to observe the 6-weeks rule (maybe you are prone to blood cloth?)


  • They told me 6 weeks as well and I have worn them 4 weeks already. My husband hates them more than I do cause he's the one that has to put them on me and take them off cause I cant bend to do it. If it were up to me I'd take them off now but he says nooooo and tells me to do what the doctor said. Men!! lol

    Christina :)
  • I had that machine on my legs in the hospital too. It would squeeze one leg and then the other leg alternating. The only problem I had with it was I had to pee constantly since they had me on an IV and were pushing fluids every half hour I had to get up and go to the bathroom.

    I just started taking off the machine thing to get up to use the bathroom then I'd velcro myself back in when I got back in bed. My tights went all the way up to the tops of my thighs just under my butt man those were hard to get off and on after back surgery I had my hubby do it most of the time too. I wish I had the ones that only went to the knees those don't look too bad.
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  • I was on the compression machine too. No one mentioned me needing to wear the stockings home. I threw them away at the hosital when I dressed to come home. No mention of them in my discharge papers or at my 2 week follow up today either. I did get my staples out today though yay! I'm doing well.

    Kelly Jo

  • those sexy stockings....I had them too andwas told to wear them nitl I was walking and getting around more. I wasn't given any specific time frame. I wore them on and off during the first couple of weeks. I did love the compression machine....just like a massage.
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