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ACDF Horrible Recovery



  • SongJinSSongJin Arizona Posts: 287

    kcase15 said:

    My husband had ACDF on C6-C7 last Thursday and upon discharge, was informed that they, by law, can only prescribe narcotics in 1-week increments. If he needs more, we need to either call with enough time to receive the new prescription via mail or drive down to the big city of Boston, MA again to pick up a script. His followup appointment isn't for another 3-4 weeks. He has been moving around off and on since Saturday and that seems to have helped with his pain. If he sits too long, he seems to stiffen. He had an illiac crest, where they removed a portion of his hip bone and replaced the disc with it. He was also informed that he does not need to wear his collar at all times but it is best to wear it when moving around, sleeping and when his neck gets tired. I think using those muscles has helped with the pain level as well. He's been able to not only split his pain medication dosage in half, but he has lengthened the time between doses as well. I really hope that you are now starting to feel better and are now on the fast-track to recovery!

    I'm still struggling a lot with muscle spasms, and having a really difficult time sleeping in my rigid collar. At my follow up appointment I at least got enough medications to last me for two weeks, but then if things haven't resolved by then, I'll end up with the same issue--I either have to travel north two hours to get a refill or ask for them in far enough in advance to have to medications refilled. I'm having a hard time reducing my pain meds still without ending up in horrible pain still, so I really hope that in another week this somehow gets better. My 6 week recheck got pushed out to 7 weeks, so I get a *bonus* week of the collar before I can get in there and see if I've got bone growth across the fusion. Things are improving, but it just seems so slow. 
  • SongJinSSongJin Arizona Posts: 287
    edited 04/02/2016 - 10:07 AM
    I was feeling like things were improving, but I fell down the stairs and very badly sprained my ankle last night. I'm having so much trouble getting around now because of the ankle, and it's so hard to even physically get down to my foot to alternate the rigid ankle cast and ice because of the rigid cervical collar and the bending restrictions. I feel like an awkward turtle or a beetle flipped on my back trying to flip over again, but I'm stuck! Pain tonight was just through the roof because of all of the above (fall, sitting at urgent care, bending to try and deal with my foot). 

    I live alone, and though I've had friends come over periodically to help me, I just felt so depressed and trapped tonight. No one was available to give me a hand, and I can't drive, and now I can't even walk anywhere. My little walks I was taking every day were some of the things I looked forward to just get out of the house and feel a little more normal. Now I can't even do that until my ankle heals. 

    Just sad, hobbling around my apartment by myself with no help or company. Nothing but me and my screwed up neck and screwed up ankle. Then when I mentioned I was lonely at home, someone actually asked if I fell down the stairs on purpose to try and get more attention (clearly they've never had an ACDF--not sure why anyone in their right mind would want to add the pain of a broken ankle AND jeopardize their fusion results even if for some reason they were twisted enough to want that kind of attention!) Then someone else said it was my fault for not using the handrailings consistently enough. Sure. handrails are good, but really, victim blaming someone that just had another traumatic night after a really crappy month? I'm just shocked at some of the things people have said to me about this. Sometimes I feel like if you haven't lived through this spine stuff, you really can't understand what all this is like. 

    I just hope my ankle heals fast so I can at least go for walks again. I live on the third floor with no elevator and I can't even get outside without help. I'm going to go nuts being glued to this recliner. 
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  • SongJinSSongJin Arizona Posts: 287
    I'm at the one month mark. Nothing seems to have improved much, and I'm still having issues getting medication. Ankle hurts, neck hurts, can't sleep--can I fast forward to 2017?
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