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3 months after c6c7 surgery mixed symptoms when head down

I was wondering if there is anyone who might experienced same symptoms after cervical microdiscectomy. 
Its been 3 months after my surgery.  I never was pai  free or symptoms free.  I still experience some of them.  Much more less noticeable,  past 2 weeks i am only experienced them during car ride but my weakness in arm is same as well as clumsiness. 
But last week something wierd is happening.  My symptoms and pain are back full time.  They increase significantly every time I look down and never go away.  K. Noticed that they came for good after 2 weeks break right after I was playing legos with kids on the floor for couple of hours and had my head down.  That day symptoms and pain return for good.  After I lie down it calm down but never went away completely.  
Today I  was taking shower and was shaving and doing own pedicure having head down a d my pain symptoms came so quickly and severely i was almost in tears.  Thanks how i figured out that my head down cause this problem.  
Does anyone going through or went through something like that???  
Thaaaaank you for all answers 


  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,270
    Of course, doctor needs to know and assess, guide and or reassure you.
    But I was wondering if you might need to readjust...similar as readjusting workplace settings, esp computer type work with the head down.

    Such as raising your "working place" more up to eye level ...bringing things up to you .....and taking breaks in between to be upright, maybe walk a little, ....not pushing through to get the job done...ex...little walk or upright while playing games.

    Just thinking, ex...playing Legos on coffee table or kitchen table. A couple hours looking down on floor with game without upright break, seems a little long to me....but I dunno...just thinking.
    And also thinking that kind of positioning on floor has entire spine somewhat out of alignment, causing stress.
    As was explained to me years ago with my children and grandchildren.

    Also, wondering of shaving .are you sitting on shower chair? That really helps me with the shaving.
    But the pedicure part extends the time with head down... and I think also requires more paying attention.

    I was going out paying for pedicure. Totally the best idea! That would be one of my top wishes!
    But I must say, I could not afford to do it regularly, actually, not at all....so just had it done about three times.

    This may sound totally ridiculous, but for my spinal pain, (I'm not post op)... I sit on my bed, start the pedicure part which can take me quite some time in total.
    Then I frequently need to stop and lie back flat to rest my spine.

    For me it's difficult activity that most people don't give a second thought to :)

    Honorary Spine-Health Moderator
    Please read my medical history at: Medical History

  • Hi Thank you for your reply.  I am affraid that symptoms like tingling pain  weakness in my arm might have something to do with surgery I had 3 months ago.  Before surgery I was able to do all those tasks without any problem or pain.  My herniation was results of accident actually.  Never had problems  be for with my spine.  
    After surgery i feel like my body is falling apart.  I am jewelry designer ans photographer which means I was using my neck a lot. I am familiar with adjusting position by my desk or give my neck rest. Unfortunately its not working anymore.
    Someone mentioned to that what is happening to me is that thw cord is being streched over spur disc or bulge disc as head down position can strech cord a d drape the cord over anterior protrusion. 
    I was wondering if someone was in same position and if yes is it mean another surgery?  Because pain is unbearable when comes and i cannot imagine i can leave like that for the rest of my life
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