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I have a question about hip misalignment

dcarterddcarter Posts: 76
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:20 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I am 3 months post op of a fusion in my lumbar spine. I have been back to work for 6 weeks now and I get pains shooting down my right leg still. So my surgeon sent me to the physical therapist. While she was examining me, she said that my right hip is slightly higher than my left hip and that is why I get the pain in my legs and that it can be fixed in therapy.
I am not be the smartest tool in the shed about back and bone structures and all that, so I am confused on how physical therapy can adjust hips being misaligned and why did my pcp not see this in the xrays in the beginning. I have always kind of walked with a waddle but I figured that it was because of my back.
This is new to me so if anyone knows anything about this can you give me some insight on what I have to look forward to or any advice on what I should do?


  • I had this after a pregnancy. It caused me to walk with a limp. They said that I had one hip that had not rotated back into alignment. I realize that your cause may be different but the treatment is probably the same.

    I went to PT also. They would have me lay on my stomach and then the therapist would pull my leg at an angle and pull down almost as if they are stretching it down and out. It did work. They taught my husband the angle in which to pull my leg as sometimes I would start limping and know that was what was wrong. It was incredible how much better it felt when it was in the right place!

    Mine was not seen on film and was discovered by the therapist on my intitial assessment.

    Hope this helps!
  • I have had 3 kids so maybe that was the cause also. To not walk with a waddle would be so nice. Did you get pains down the side of the leg as well?
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  • but not shooting pain. I had alot of pelvic pain and hip pain. They did discover that I have arthritis in my pubic bone which all probably happened during pregnany. The hip pain once resolved and aligned properly led me figuring out the continuing back pain and down the path of the spondy. The rest is history!

    PT is worth a try. It really helped. I had the hip issue resolved about 5 years before my fusion.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
  • What we do when we suffer pain in our backs is often we start to use 'different' muscles to make it easier.
    Cheat in other words. }:)
    I am currently going through the same thing as the muscles that should be working to keep my pelvis and hips straight have become totally lazy and contracted, causeing that hip to sit a little higher then the other. So we are now teaching the muscles to 'turn on' again as I walk.

    Keep working with the PT and do as many exercises on your own as you can.

    Sara :D
  • Thanks for the reply's. I was nervous at first but now that I see that this is very common, I feel more at ease. It will be so nice when all this is done and over with. Living normal is all I want (or I guess that I should say "All of us want")
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