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Extreme calf pain

I am 10 days post op. I had a 360 fusion at l4-s1. Up till 3 days ago my recovery was going ideal, some pain but nothing that wasn't to be expected. Since then I have had the most severe calf pains I've ever experienced. It's not a cramp but just a rather quickly increasing pain that increases with more time on my feet not moving. I can walk without pain and lay down on my back without pain. The instant I stop while standing the pain gets worse and worse until I just can't take it and have to do something. Pain medication doesn't seem to effect it any at all. I have no swelling, no blotchy places on my skin, and it only effects the back portions of my calves. It doesn't go past there. Not to my feet or my back. I had a friend suggest walking more so I gave that a try today. I was walking about a quarter of a mile and today stepped it up to one mile. I live in the mountains so these weren't flat walks either. Pretty steep inclines. I tried to go as far as I felt like my back would let me. As soon as I got back and stopped I could feel them starting to tighten. I laid down for about 30 min to give my back a rest and then got up to use the restroom and immediately I could feel it right back. I have to force myself to stay there long enough to do anything because of the pain. The only thing that helps when sitting is to elevate your legs high enough to get some relief which while sitting on the toilet isn't ideal. Has anyone else experienced this problem before. How long did it last and was there anything to help alleviate the pain? I'm beginning to think it is nerve related but I don't know for sure. And yes I've been wearing the pantyhose looking socks the whole time. Please help, if you have an idea or have had similar problems please post.


  • NLTNNLT Pacific Northwest of USAPosts: 19
    That sounds rotten. I'm sorry you are dealing with that.

    I am 3 1/2 weeks post laminectomy/discectomy and have been dealing with calf pain. It's not exactly as you describe but there are definitely similarities. It tends to come after walks and when sitting. For me, it's a muscle issue. Not a cramp but myofascial pain. I went to a massage therapist who did some trigger point release (not sure that's the right term) who worked on my calf and it improved. 
  • kiopokkiopo UKPosts: 26
    edited 04/09/2016 - 1:44 PM
    I am currently dealing with the same thing after L5-S1 microdiscectomy (see my other thread), currently 16 days post-op. It was a new pain post-op. Mainly in the left calf but also occasionally in thigh and ankle. Feel like intense cramps. My surgeon didn't seem concerned and said that as the nerve was compressed for so long it is just a case of waiting to see what happens. The manipulation during surgery also messes them up a bit. Like you, I'm also trying to increase the walking as I've found this helps.
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