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Had L2-L3 fusion with L4-5 decompression May 18th



  • I think Devil had her fusion today!
    @Devilwearspaula please update when you can. I hope all went well!  How are you Jules?  I have 7 days left and am very nervous - but my pre-op yesterday went really well.
  • DevilwearspaulaDevilwearspaula Braintree, MAPosts: 14

    duckgirl said:

    I think Devil had her fusion today!
    @Devilwearspaula please update when you can. I hope all went well!  How are you Jules?  I have 7 days left and am very nervous - but my pre-op yesterday went really well.

    Hello! im so sorry i didn't update sooner than i did! i was released from the hospital yesterday! i just posted a new discussion! It did go well! when she opened me up i had some spinal leaking and that was sealed up. I also had so much severe scar tissue that she had to remove that as much as she could. there were some scar tissue that was too dangerous to remove so she left it in, but it wont affect me. Im feeling pretty good! :D 
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  • So glad to hear you are doing well!   I will read your other post for the update.  I go in on Wednesday for my operation, getting nervous!!  Congrats for being on the other side, I will continue to think of you.

    Jules - how are you doing?

    I wish you both continuing health and pain control!  I will check in after my operation.
  • Hi how are you both doing?  I had my surgery last Wednesday.  The surgeon said it went well, but was a big/tough surgery.  My stay in the hospital was OK - I had one bad nurse who was horrible at keeping my pain under control.  She was also new, as she shadowed another nurse one night, and I was her first solo patient which really sucked!  I was released Saturday after three nights.  Overall, I am pleasantly surprised at my rate of recovery compared to my first fusion.  However, I think I had a false sense of "I'm doing great" today and overdid it - too much walking and up and around and I am in complete agony tonight.  My surgeon only gave me enough meds for five days which was annoying - I have to have someone drive 45 minutes to his office to pick up more meds this week.  My first pre-op appointment is 7/7 - so I would've thought he could prescribed me enough until then!  How have your doctors been with prescribing post op?  What are you taking?  I am afraid that the difficulty in getting meds will be a pattern throughout my recovery.  With traffic, it is not feasible for someone to drive to my surgeon's office once a week to pick up prescriptions!  It can be an hour or more each way...hopefully that was just a precaution in the beginning.   Anyway, I hope you both are doing great!
  • Sorry took so long to respond.  Hope all is going well with your recovery.  I went for my 6 week post op visit the other day.  He wants me off my pain meds after they run out this time.  I'm really nervous.  I've cut myself from them and have been taking Tylenol and only use half a vicoden if needed.  It's been 3 days so far. I start water Physical therapy this week coming.  I'd definitely say I need it.  I have a very tender right side.  That's where most of my pain hits but he did have to straighten up my spine. He says it's the new nerves trying to figure it where they're connected again.  So we'll see, hopefully the water therapy helps.  Hope all is going well.  I'll try to check back here for more replies. Again I apologize for taking so long. Have a great 4th!!
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  • Yes I'm thinking the same with difficulty getting help with the meds. They're so many ppl who are addicted to them anymore it hurts is who really need them for the pain.  Sucks really!
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