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indescribable pain after waking...

manaleriemmanalerie Posts: 550
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:20 AM in Chronic Pain
I am not sure where to post this.

Most mornings, I wake up and can barely move. I know most of us here have this problem.

What I also deal with though, is a strange kind of stabbing sensation. Localized pain, in my mid back area, like my rib cage? There are usually like 5 spots, I feel them worse when I breathe. I can feel them all the way through my chest. Sometimes I think I feel it in my stomach too. I don't think they are ever in the same spot, maybe I should keep a diary. This feeling is so indescribable. Its not excruciating, or even severe, but very uncomfortable. Usually goes away within an hour or so.

I've mentioned this to my Dr. and he had no clue, and offered me no suggestions.

Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone had a diagnoses, or found out what this is? I am in the process of finding a new PCP, and I will ask them when I get the chance. Just wondering, maybe if I know what its called, I can help my doctor to help me/?? does that make sense?


  • I have tried to google this, even though I can't really describe the pain. All I came up with was lung cancer pages.

    Great, like I really need to read that... I should stop googling... It always just freaks me out!!!!!

    Someone please post that you have similar pain, so I don't scare myself to death!! lol

    Thanks for listening to my rant...

  • Amanda,

    i have a similar pain on my left side,more dull in nature though.It gets hard to get real deep breathes without a vice grip feeling in my rib area.My PT during one session told me it was a muscle spasm, she actually hand manipulated it(hurt bad too) and once it broke instant relief for a few days.I still get it often so it may be a deeper issue like a muscle tear?

    A diary would be a great idea.I still need a 2nd opinion myself now that the official dx has been done.Still some issues bug me like this pain.
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  • they seem to be in different places... but like I said, I'll have to keep a diary. No one is really around when I wake up, just my two year old, and they're on my back, where I can't reach, so I don't even know if they're painful to touch. I just know its hard to breath... but they go away after an hour or so.

    Muscle spasms would make sense. I have terrible knots, between my shoulder blades, 24/7 PT wouldn't even help me with those, since my referral was for my lower back. Go figure.

    Thanks Frustrated101 (like your name btw) at least I'm not alone!
  • I woke up with the same terribly uncomfortable pain. I did my best to reach it, and put some pressure on it. It did in fact feel the same as when pressure is put on a knot. I do tend to get a lot of "knots" in my back in this area, maybe they are just super inflamed when I wake up, because if I don't touch it, it doesn't in anyway feel like a typical knot.

    I have to make some calls, and see if I can get into PT again. Maybe this time they can help me with my upper back also.

    My last few trips to the PT, they seemed like they didn't even want to touch me. And I've asked them many times for help with the knots in my upper back, and was repeatedly told they didn't have time this session, but they could help me next session. Of course next session, same thing.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 11,630
    Amanda, does this happen just when wakening? Do you get the same type of stabbing pain at other times? Does anything trigger it?
    Just when you start mentioning chest area, breathing, rib cage, I think Thoracic discs. One of the symptoms of a T4 disc problem is that it can simulate a heart attack. Thoracic discs can provide a wide range of symptoms and many times its difficult to diagnose.

    Keeping a diary is a super idea. This way you can document when the pain happens, etc
    Things that would be great to include are:
    - Time of pain
    - Location of pain
    - Pain level
    - Blood Pressure (if you can take it)
    - How long it lasts

    And other information.. The more you can start to collect, it will be valuable to a doctor in helping diagnose your situation.
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
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  • B) I have an odd pain but it's not quite like yours. It could still be the same thing though. I'll describe mine and you can see if there are any similarities. First of all, they seemed to have started out right when I woke up but rapidly moved to any time, awake or asleep. I've noticed that if I happen to lay in any position other than a very specific one, it begins to hurt also. My pain is in one area only, on my right side starting right at the waist and up to about 2 or 3 inches from under my arm. The pain seems to start in my side and it spreads into both my front and my back. The pain is always a steady pain but very severe and it feels like my side is in a vice, and I have trouble breathing when it's bad. Sometimes it also feels like there is a stabbing pain there too. It's actually very hard to explain it all and actually get it right. The best way I can say it is like there is a monster with very strong hands and he is grabbing my right side and digging in as hard as he can. It goes all of the way through me. I'm on Oxycontin and it manages to take the edge off of my "normal" pain, plus Aleve helps with my "normal" pain too but, absoloutely nothing makes my side feel any better. Nothing! All I can do is rest it and hope that it will eventually go away on it's own. I have 3 tumors on my liver, they are called "Liver Hemangiomas", they are basically balls of blood vessels that are like a ball of yarn. If they were ever injured or punctured I could bleed out within minutes. I have wondered if this might be causing the pain? Could it be they are leaking? I don't know! It also may be a muscle issue. I honestly don't think that you have lung cancer, I think it would probably have more to do with your muscles. Maybe both of us are having upper back problems because our lower backs are pulling on the muscles and making them spasm and become painful. I'm surprised that your doctor isn't bothering to look into it. My doctor ignore it? Yes, that I can see! If this sounds like anything like you are experiencing let me know. What I do know is that it hurts like a sono#$Bi%$h!
  • like some others have said especially ron the MAN.
    where is it located, how often etc.
    iv learned not to goggle anymore except for things that show up on testing. it will drive you nutso :$ :?? :B

    i have that type of pain also. sometimes its from knots of muscles or my thoracic disks. i have herniations all the way down. T1 severe but that is the only that acts up once in awhile. sometimes a day up to weeks. but it is constant and no pain med in the world works. just rest and ice.

    pt probably does not want to do anything because they do not know the issue causing the pain. so they do not want to be responsible for causing you more pain or injury (if there is one)

    i would say a MRI is in order if allowable.(personal opinion) or it could be nothing but spasms. have xrays been done in that area???
    when they do act up spasms will show on a xray. used to happen alot when i was a aide in a nursing home.

    especially with a little one. i know all the aches and pains that can cause w/ all the lifting.
    plus just being a mom in itself is a HUGE job we do not get paid enough for (hugs and kisses work) but hey i want a paycheck!! :P

    let us know how you make out, our bodies do crazy things.
    sorry rambling but i have been up all night again and well trying to wake myself up to drive in a bit. UGGH MAN @)

    HUGS TO YOU!!!!!
  • Hi.
    I'm John. I´m 34. I also feel upper back pain when waking too. It´s awful!. It´s like this dull pain in my middle or upper back, right in the middle, so strong I feel like it sort of shrinking my back/lungs to breath. It hurts to breath, specially if I´m lying down. I have orthopnea (difficulty breathing when lying down) and sleep very poorly. I can also get it at other times different from when I wake up in the mornings, but specially then. I´ve had x-rays of my spinal cord, but nothing. Oh, I also have these asthma like episodes about 6 months ago, so it might be something else, but my doctors still don´t know. I´m up for an exploratory bronchoscopy this next week. I also wanna have an MRI of my spinal cord, but I haven´t been able to talk to a doctor into prescribing it to me. Most of them think I´m just anxious! I know that image test is definitive in finding something in the spinal cord/nervs/muscles in the back. I also feel weird pains in my neck, and left arm and ashoulder. This week I´ve been feeling this sort of electricity like little pain almost at the end of my left arm, just bofore my hand. Doesn´t this seem like something originating in my back, like a pinched nerve or something? I feel the pain also in my left side chest, like it was my heart, but heart tests have been negative. I push tmy left side breastbone, and I feel the exact pain in my left upper back I feel in the mornings. I just hope some of you know anything about these symptoms and can help me. I´ve ruled everything else but my back. I also hope all of you are well. Thanks.
    John Serrano.
  • :O Hi Amanda, I know this sounds awfull but I am glad there are people out there with the same thing happening. I wake up in the morning feeling like there is wise-grip on very tight around my chest.I can barley breath and my back feels like it is frozen or locked up and I can not move,my husband helps me roll out of bed. I take 80mg of oxy right away and generally after sitting very still in my recliner for a hour the pain will calm down.Do you wake up during the night with this pain ? somtimes if i sleep on my back which i try not to. I wake in so much pain i want to just scream, some times the pain is so bad i dream that i am in labour giving birth (back labour).My doctors thus far have been no help with this all they say is that it is perment nerve damage. Have you had any surgerys. What is your medical background.email me back when you have time shannonc@ripnet.com thanks shannon
  • Hi John,

    My name is Shane and I was searching the internet this morning for symptoms related to back pain and I found your posts. I was shocked because you explained what I was feeling prefectly. I shared many of the same symnptoms that you mentioned in your description including waking up every monring with the dull pain in the middle of your back putting pressure on your ribs and lungs. Surprisingly I have also been experiencing an electric pain in the palm of my hand. I just wanted to ask if you ever had any resolution with these issues. I see that this was posted last year but if there is anything that you could tell me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much in advance.

    Best Regards,

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