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16 days Postop - incision weeping

candle99ccandle99 Posts: 279
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:20 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Yesterday, my incision sorta popped in a very small hole and weeped fluid. It's clear, not smelley, and pink. Now, when I mash on the top it makes a bubbling sound. Sorry for being graphic. Eww...I'm depressed and feeling like a yucky person. It had healed up so well till now from what I could tell. This morning I have 99 temp, so I really worried that I may start an infection now. I plan to call the surgeon in the morning since this is Sunday.

Has anyone else had this problem? I think they should have maybe put a drain in or something. I had an anterior L4/L5 fusion w/BMP. My incision is about 6 inches an inch over from my belly button to the left. I still have back pain and left leg pain. I know I'm not anywhere near healed up. Just ready for all this to be over and back to normal.



  • Sorry you are having problems. 9 days after 5 level lumbar fusion. I got up from the chair, blood all over the chair. I called the home Health RN she put a pressure dressing on. My incision is 14 inches long. Saw the Dr. the nest day. It healed after 9 days of pressure dressings and I have had no more trouble with the incision. I would call the Dr. even if it is Sunday.

    cervical fusions C3-C6 2 plates and songer cable. 5 surgeries from 1992-1996
    Lumbar fusions L2-S1 May 1,2008
  • I started wearing my back brace when I go out or walk ouside since last Tuesday. It's soft, but has plastic hard insert in the back. I thought maybe being mashed by the brace tight on my stomach could be causing the fluid buildup. Or maybe I'm doing too much just yet? My NS office doesn't give you real good ideas on how much to rest, how much to walk.
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  • Infection can spread very fast!!!!! Call the Doc. TODAY!!!!!!
    Thats why they have on call Docs.!!!! You need to make the call!! Good Luck
  • i am post op 8 wks and still dealing with fluid build up. My surgeon said that wearing the brace is a must due to the fluid buildup- so I still wear it. I had fluid build up about the size of a 1/2 egg at 3wks and was freaked out. I wear a brace that has an area in the back for ice packs and doc said to get a long kitch sponge and put it in the pouch to keep pressure on the fluid build up area. this will allow it to dissipate into the body. It is going down alot after 8wks but still there. he said it will either dissipate or fluid will find its way out at bottom of incission.
    Perhaps that is your case? the temp makes me nervious so I would call doctor!
    keep us posted.
  • My incision just started weeping on Thursday. It opened about a pea size on the top of the 6" incision. Its still draining and now I have a second opening. When I saw my doctor he said no matter what wear the brace. I was also told to take 2-3 showers a day and let the warm water run on the incision for 5 minutes each time, not to apply anything just a small bandage to keep to ooze from getting on my clothes. Mine was starting to get infected so he put me on antibiotics, now its not sensitive to the touch, but he did say and can get worse really quick and to watch it and not wait. The showers are helping because it helps it drain. Its looking better. You really shouldn't wait. I would call! Thats why they get paid the big bucks to be called in on a Sunday!!!
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  • You dont want totake the chance of getting a really really bad infection. Easier to treat it when it just starts.

    I hope youre feeling better soon,

    Christina :)
  • a few weeks after my surgery I had the same problem but it was hurting as if I had a thorn in my back. Whenever I brushed it up against something it stung. I went in to talk to my surgeon about it and he found that one of my sutures that should have dissolved did not. My body had rejected it so it decided to work its way out. My surgeon called it a pimple because that is what it looks like as the suture works its way out. Once he pulled it out it felt so much better and healed within a week.
  • Candle-
    Did you end up calling the doc? Are you OK?
  • Hey Candle!

    Mine bled after 1 week it was very annoying. I DID NOT have a fever. Fever can equal infection did you call doc today?

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