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Please help

Dear All,

i posted this in another forum section.  I have severe central canal stenosis that is causing spinal compression and progressive nerve damage.  I am scheduled for surgery June 8th.  Within the last few weeks my low back has begun to ache.  I am wondering if these two things could be related.  Another member states that other aches and pains got better after acdf.  Did anyone have a similar experience?  I am so nervous and upset about this new development!

thank you!

mary xoxoxox


  • Hi Mary,

       I am in recovery from my 3rd neck surgery. I had ACDF C6/7 in 2015 that was not successful leading me to seek more procedures and answers for the pain. I was in pain for 2 year until I just recently had posterior laminectomy and fusion of C4-C7. During that time I developed a really bad pain in the center of my back. My pain management doctor one day asked me if I had pain there and I was surprised because I never mentioned it to him. Of course he wanted to shoot me up and get a new MRI but my neck issue was most important.

     Needless to say immediately after surgery ALL pre-surgery pain was gone ! Including the mysterious mid back pain ! I can not understand why this pain developed but I am extremely relieved its gone !

      If you have done all your homework and asked all your questions with your surgeon than put your mind at ease. The thing I learned in this process is to always listen to your body, no matter what others say. I made poor choices shadowed by pain and fear. I am sending you positive thoughts and prayers !

      Good Luck in your recovery!

  • mlavellemlavelle Teaneck NjPosts: 41
    Thank you so much Tracey!!! I am in deed hoping they are related somehow.  It is scaring me so much.  Your post is so helpful to me.
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  • laurietlauriet Kent, WAPosts: 35
    I had anterior and posterior fusion on C 3-7 back in January, for the month prior to surgery it definitely effected my lower back. I was pretty close to bed bound. After surgeries it took alot of the pressure off my lower back. I actually thought that by lower back was worse that the cervical part. When I went for my 6 week check up, I asked my NS what the odds are that I will have to have surgery on my lower back and he said less that 10%. I still have weakness all over but I'm about at 70%. Positive thoughts coming your way for a successful surgery. Please keep us updated.  
  • mlavellemlavelle Teaneck NjPosts: 41
    Lauriet, thank you so much for your post. I was despairing when my low back started to hurt, but your post gives me so much hope I was practically crying.  Thank you for taking time to answer my post.

    Mary xox

  • mlavellemlavelle Teaneck NjPosts: 41
    Lainey, how long did it take for low back to resolve after surgery?

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  • mlavellemlavelle Teaneck NjPosts: 41
    Lauriet how long until lower back pain went away?
  • I had a C5 C6 disc herniation in november 2015..i waited taking conservative medicine neglecting surgery..now in april new MRI showed disc extrusion at same level i.e c5c6.doctors adviced surgery again..but i m not getting any tingling or weakness as of now...does anyone had disc extrusion?..plz reply..what did u do? how r u now?
  • mlavellemlavelle Teaneck NjPosts: 41
    you may want to start your own thread so others who have had this exact experience reply.  I had herniations at c567. I had surgery a week ago because my spinal cord was being compressed and showed definite signs of progressive nerve damage which is insidious and slow. Surgery was my best option to stop that progression.  You may or may not be in the same boat and only a doctor can tell you that and even then I got 5 opinions before surgery.
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