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1 week post op

cherrybabyccherrybaby Posts: 49
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:20 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
:) hello everyone!
Well it has been just over a week since my surgery!{7/17/2008 plif level one L5 S1, DDD, stenosis Diganost 6/5/2007} I still have a lot of pressureat the insision sight, and some other pain. I try not to take any pain meds. Cause of my kids. I am starting to go sture crazy. I want to go and do things but the doc never sais if i could get right back to normal or how fast or slow to take it.
My husband hurt his back at work to. So tomorrow we see the work med doc and I am going with him to get out of the house.
As far as my recovery i fell that it is going good. I just wish my family would help out more!! my house was clean but the kids destroyed it this week so they are not going to like me tomorrow when i stand over them and make them clean!


  • Glad to hear you are doing so well. I had the opposite, my kids did way more than I could have even hoped for!
  • Wow, sounds like you are doing really well for 10 days out! Didn't your surgeon give you any written instructions? I got mine in the mail weeks ago. It says I am not allowed to drive or ride in a car except to go see the surgeon, until he clears me.
    I hope your husband is okay. You don't need two Spineys in the family.
    I know what you mean about the kids, my surgery is Aug 5, and I am trying to get my house in order. My teenagers are useless when it comes to house work. They have their designated chores, but never stay on top of it without a lot of prodding. I have given up on their rooms, I just shut the doors. Sometimes it just isn't worth the battle. I'll have my sister's help for a few days post-op, but then it will be me and my teens. My daughter drives, so that should help for running errands.
    I have several books I plan on reading during recoop., and I figure the Olympics will be on TV to watch. But, I am sure I will be going stir-crazy as well. I can't even remember the last time I stayed home all day without going somewhere.
    Well try not to overdue it and I hope all goes well with your hubby's appointment. Sue
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  • Sounds like you are doing really really well - heck, I'm still in the hospital (day 8)!

    From what my NS is saying, he will send me home with orders for a home health nurse 3x a week.

    I know what you mean about the staying down and being stir-crazy - holy cow, I'm never down, never home, never not doing 2 to 10 things. This will be an experience.

    Oh, for what else I'm allowed to do, I don't know all of it, just that I'll not be allowed to sit more than 20 min, per hour the first few weeks. Then 40 minutes. I'm not allowed to bend, twist or lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for about 3 months. Egads, some of the novels I read weigh more than that! ;)
  • Today i went with my hubby to the doc he strained his back mussels.
    The ride was not to bad but it was the wait to see the doc that killed me. We got there at 10;30 and did not leave till almost 1. so just trying to walk around and sit for shor periods of time. that is what maed me hurt the most. So when i got home. I got strait in bed and took my meds and went to sleep for a little while.
    Not to bad for the most part.
  • Those back dr. waiting room waits have been horrendously long ones for me - if we didn't have back problems to begin with we sure would after sitting in those waiting room chairs for so many many hours!

    Take it easy and I hope those kids get things cleaned up while you are resting! :D
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  • Hope you and your hubby feel better soon :)

  • Your instructions sound like mine. My surgeon likes to use the gallon of milk as reference for lifting restrictions as well. (I think it weighs 5 lbs) Mine has said only 10 minutes of sitting per hour until I go to my 2 week post-op checkup and then we will see. I am a week away and I'm freaking out!
  • Cherrybaby, sounds like you are doing well!

    Yep it is a real challenge- doing little or nothing but one we have to take seriously.

    I know one of the most difficult things I found was having to ASK for help. I had a hip replacement 2 years ago and was non weight bearing for 8 weeks. I had so many offers of help around the house ( I live on my own) meals, offers to do shopping or take me out etc.
    After my back, I looked quite normal- no cane, could walk freely etc and despite this being a much much bigger op, I have pretty much had to beg for any help.
    It seems if you 'look Ok" then you dont need help.
    SO get the whip out and if necessary bribe the kids but dont do it yourself until you get the go ahead.

    Blessings Sara
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