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Kratom - Not what most people think it is.



  • railroad436rrailroad436 Kansas CityPosts: 2
    I believe that with Kratom , documentation should be provided, as it is done for other medications/substances/etc taken to reduce pain levels should be made readily accessible.

    That includes all the Pro's/Con's associated, with the benefits and consequences. This way the person who is going to us a given product is well educated about it. Then if a person decides to use it, they do fully aware about the good and bad. Its then that person's decision to take it or not.
    While I support your statement about informing people, your article only focuses on the negatives versus the positives. A lot of people including myself have used kratom for years (a decade for me) to treat back pain and other ailments. I find it helps with my anxiety, depression, and ADHD on top of my chronic back pain and carpal tunnel. Other than occassional nausea, I experience none of the side effects you mention. It is definitely far less than the pills I was given for years

    While it officially does not have any accepted medicinal uses, that is only because it has not been studied to the extent needed to determine that. When studies occur, they will likely find that it does. Because what studies we do have, shows that it does help treat pain.

    So, if you are going to inform people, try to show both sides of the coin or you are misleading people. The public comments currently ongoing which is accessible shows hundreds of positive experiences from users that I suggest you check out.

  • I forgot to put the behavior and addiction study in my previous message. That should show up any minute right moderator. I was very nice and gave great information for the Dr????
    Here it is. 
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  • railroad436rrailroad436 Kansas CityPosts: 2
    The use of the word common under side effects are very misleading. Most of those are not common at all and there is not one confirmed death from kratom. I have used kratom for nearly a decade and out of those, itching and constipation are the only two that are common and I believe that goes for most people. You could probably add nausea to that list. The other things are rare and death is not included.

    You state you wish to inform people but your article is misleading and only focus' on the negative versus the positive. There is a reason the DEA backed off the ban. It is because millions of people use this leaf on a regular basis without any issue.
  • wow interesting first off
    no  respiratory depression is possible

    pull up the pdf and read it in its entirety. 
    kratom unlike all other conventional opioids does not activate b-arrestin pathways, those that control rep dep and constipation. constipation with kratom only happens when consuming powder because it adds bulk to your reg movement, easily remedied with more water. more water = no constipation. 

    very low toxicity 
     when testing rats with kratom extract high doses are considered around 30 mg not only can they not  induce toxicity until 1000 milligrams i'd say this also reinforces the fact that respiratory depression won't kill the rat at that level.  for a human i'd assume that would be about the size of a softball. so um yeah????

    addictiveness: studies using kratom extract do show a slow in locomotive activity on the behavioral side but only show minimal seeking behavior in fact i believe at the end it says that it actually contradicts what would be known as addictive behavior. this is because the synergy of all the alkaloids produce a novel substance. one in my opinion is no more emotionally addicting than coffee. the study seems to confirm that. now on a side note mitragynine studied by itself had more of a tendency for addictive behavior but still worlds away from what we know as conv opioids. 

    kratom cannot be overdosed on by itself that leads us to the fact known threw out the community that taking more than a high dose leads to feeling sick n nauseous and taking even more for reason of being foolish leads to vomiting. 

    vivid waking dreams.....yeah never going to happen. it's extent of its phycoactivity is about on par with slightly elevated doses of cough medicine. 

    now i could go on and on but why don't you try it for yourself and write a nice supporting piece like this guy did. he slammed it and was given a challenge and it completely changed his mind. 


    post article

    thought id throw this one in as an added gift
    antioxidant and anti cancer study


    i hope this has changed your mind about this miraculous herb

  • The problem is, dilauro is free to claim 'no legitimate medical use' but at the same time is somehow able to determine and claim, 'egitimate medical side effects'. He's making claims left and right with no sources whatsoever. At this point his contention with the 'trust me' of kratom distributors is the same as 'trust me' he's asking from us.

    This is absurd. Doesn't have anything to do with belittling, denigrating or personal issues. It has to to with a clear double-standard being presented here in which one person that this website likes is favored and able to present his opinion as truth but no one else is.
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  • Everyone makes the final decision of what they will or will not take
    All we do is try to provide the facts
    Oh really.... If Psychosis is a "common side effect" care to provide an example? Kratom is used by thousands all over the world so surely if it was a "common" side effect there would be plenty of examples to supply us with...

    "death (overdose, impacts on your respiratory system)" Care to provide some examples of someone dying EXCLUSIVELY from kratom? Oh that's right you can't, becouse it has never happened...

    " It does NOT have ANY legitimate medical uses." Says who? You and the DEA? Because people from veterans to single mothers have found kratom to have a PLETHORA of medicinal uses... From aiding with pain depression anxiety and PTSD to a more effective coffee alternative to a morning appetite stimulant it can do it all.

    All you have done with this article is spread more misinformation.

    Where is your evidence that is it even remotely hard on the liver? We all know alcohol pickles peoples livers yet that is available to everyone and their mothers... People have taken kratom for years while getting regular blood work done proving their liver is just as healthy as it was years ago before they started using kratom.

    Next time when you want to spread some "facts" how about actually researching them before regurgitating lies/ propaganda.
  • greyskyeggreyskye MinnesotaPosts: 1
    I have to say, if this post is the "quality" of medical advice given at this site, then I will cease using it.
  • ArizonaAArizona ArizonaPosts: 202
    I have read about kratom a lot on some very informative websites devoted to it., and those websites also recommend reliable places to buy it... not your local smoke shop! I bought some myself from a place that was highly recommended but so far i have only made two tentatives tries using very small dosages with no effect. I have it and i really need to give it a better try because i am in a lot of pain. If you read those websites you will see that kratom - and all it is is the leaf from a tree - has wonderfully helped so many people in pain. The last i heard the FDA has at least temporarily withdrawn their plan to deem it a schedule 1 drug along with such as heroin, which was insane. Many people think the real reason they tried to do that was because drug companies want to sell its active ingredient as a drug.

  • greyskye said:

    I have to say, if this post is the "quality" of medical advice given at this site, then I will cease using it.

    Medical advice is not given on Spine-Health
    Nor does it endorse anyone who is giving"medical advice"

    No one here is a professional that is authorised,permitted nor allowed to give"advice.

    These are mearlely the personal opinions from people who support the use of this.....

    Spine Health seeks to be an open idea forum.
    As such, sometimes touchy subjects are allowed for the free passage of knowledge and ideas.

    No one here is qualified to give medical advice

    Any time SUBJECTIVE posts as these are made, every effort is made to keep the language and subject matter valid.

    As with any other posts...
    Personal attacks will be dealt with swiftly and surely.

    All the information here is subjective to the posters point of view..

     and may not reflect any actual value as a Spine Pain relief.

    As with any closely held point of view which may help..or not

    Allowing the conversation to continue is dependent wholly upon everyone keeping a civil tongue about them.

    There are many aspects to treating chronic pain.
    This is just one..have a look at the rest of the forum and see the many sides,,the many points of view and especially the many different People.
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 13,581
    It appears that my discussions that were based on formal Medical documents, not any website dedicated to promoting a product does not sit well with some folks. If you feel better to attack me personally vs providing intelligent discussions, than I can not do anything to stop that behavior, unless it begins to violate forum rules, which this is coming close to doing.

    I will document medical facts for any medication, treatment, etc. I have done this many times before, several regarding herbal supplements. I present some facts , provide a warning and let it go. For the most part, members understand and continue to use the entire site.

    I just presented the facts as the medical field has presented, nothing else. I also stated that the use of kratom or any other type of pain relief is up to the individual. We do not tell people what they should or should not take.

    If the way we present information (not just in this thread) does not suit your personal needs, then perhaps you are right in saying this site is not for you.

    We have never, nor will we ever provide medical advice. There are no medical professionals on this site.
    What is stated is from personal experiences of from formal accepted documents.
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences 
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