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AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:21 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Kind of off topic, but I was wondering if anyone has ever had floaters in your eyes? I have new onset floaters (looks like fuzzy spider floating around) in my right eye. I am 41 and have never even worn glasses. I am wondering if it is from stress from this pre-op anxiety (psychosis :)) that I am experiencing. I do not have high blood pressure or glaucoma that I am aware of. I have an eye appointment Weds to get it checked. One more thing to freak out about!


  • Normally floaters are no cause for concern but if they are accompanied by flashing lights in your eye then it might be a retina starting to detatch and needs urgent treatment.

    They will check your retina at the eye exam tomorrow but if you get lights in your eye before then go straight to the ER as it needs to be sorted straight away.

    Let us know how you get on,


    ps - the retina thing only usually happens if you have had a knock to the head or are very short sighted, my Mum has had 2 for this reason but they have both been fixed.
  • I often get floaters when I am in the pool and looking down into the water. Seems funny I know but it is he only time I am aware of having them. Actually, now that I am in the heated indoor pool, I havent seen any so maybe it has something to do with the sinlight or glare.

    Hope you get your fixed.

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  • I too have floaters. I had little black specks before I had my cataracts done this spring (I am becoming bionic one part at a time). Now I have little clouds. My eye dr. says not to worry unless I get the bright lights.
  • Thanks everyone, you made me feel less worried. I haven't had any flashing lights, that is what the eye doctor's clerk asked me as well. I have one floater and sometimes it seems to have a shadow. I too see it more at the pool, (indoor blue water with white walls). Also this whitish SH backgroung really makes it show up too while on the comp. I'll find out tomorrow hopefully. Going for pre-op appointment as well. Met some nurses (OR/PACU) again today who affirmed that my surgeon is great, so that makes me feel good too. Take care
  • Whew! Sounds like it's fairly normal and not something terrible. Do keep us posted though.
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  • Could be from the computer, too. I went to see my eye doctor a few months ago for floaters that would come on at the computer. After ruling out anything medical, he seemed to conclude it was from prolonged computer use. I use a laptop for work, so that small screen contributes, I'm sure. Might want to check into a bigger monitor? Good luck to you...
  • I AM addicted to my laptop! I use a desk-top minimally at work. So who knows, maybe it is related. I went to my eye appointment today and he took pictures of my retina with a machine that takes a 200 degree image. Strangely he sees a floater in my left eye. I see the floater in my right eye. Makes no sense, but he said all is normal, doesn't see any cause for concern, and I don't need glasses! So it was on to pre-op for lab, chest xray, ekg, etc. This is getting toooo real and toooo scarey!
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