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Hybrid spinal surgery - ADR at L4/5 and fusion at S1

Hello everyone,

I am 8 weeks post surgery today and just wondered if there was anyone else out there who has had a hybrid back surgery - that is a disc replacement at one level and a fusion at the other (anterior approach) - there aren't many people who have had this procedure and I'd love to connect with those who have.

Pre op I had 10 years of back problems and towards the end my back was just in permanent spasm (I was told that when the discs are so badly damaged the muscles spasm to protect them) and my chiro said that he'd never known anyone to have back spasms for so long!

The surgeon was just about to get the ADR in (he nearly had to do a double fusion as the discs has crumbled so badly) and I had a good few weeks of very bad reaction to all the drugs.  I started physio at 5 weeks but I still can't sit for more than 10 mins without being sore and needing to get up and my physio won't let me walk more than 2 x 10 mins daily still - which surprises me as so many people on this forum seem to walk very far much sooner!  I'm somehow managed to strain my hip/glute muscle too so I've lost 10-14 days having to take it easy (I have a really bad posture/forward neck posture and had been trying to stand up straighter but it seems I did too much too soon).

I'm still in pain, but it's like having toothache in my back, a kind of nerve pain rather than bone pain and it's really getting me down.  The physio has already said I'm quite an abnormal case as all the years of my back being in spasm and now it's got foreign objects in there and the nerves are all over the place and also haven't caught up with the fact that my back has been fixed (successfully we believe from the initial X-rays and movements).  He also said that even though the surgeons say 6 weeks to be back to work in most cases this is totally unreasonable, especially for people like me.

I guess I'm just after some more support and reassurance that it will be OK and maybe some advice about the nerve-type pain I'm getting.  I guess 8 weeks is still early days (it feels like forever!) and just want to see some progress and I'm seeing very little on a week to week basis.

Thanks in advance!



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