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How can a degenerated disc regenerate?!

foreverpain123foreverpain123 Alberta, CanadaPosts: 27
It can't... Right?

So 4 1/2 years ago in March 2014 I had an mri done which showed a small right paracentral herniation at L5-S1. I was unaware of this until herniation until I moved to the city and visited a new doc for my worsening back pain in Feb 2016. He told me of the herniation and also figured I had arthritis so he refers me to a spine specialist. The specialist re-examined my MRI from 2014 and told me I also have degenerative disc disease with my L5-S1 being over 50% gone, lumbar arthritis/facet joint arthritis, severe L5 nerve root impingement and spinal stenosis. At the time I seen the spine specialist in July 2016 I had every single painful symptom that comes along with all those issues and the numbness and tingling in my low back, hip, butt, legs and feet. I did not however have any bladder problems. 2 days ago I was walking down a small set of stairs and I wet myself enough to soak through to my cotton pants and leave a big wet spot. That evening I noticed my whole groin area and inner thighs were numb so I went to see my family doc today to ask him about my new symptoms he said they were serious and mentioned possible CES and I needed to go to emerg. So I did. After a painfully (literally.. sitting kills me) long wait sitting in the waiting room I was taken in and eventually examined by a doctor he also thought CES. He tested the feeling in my legs, I had some but not much. He did all the strength tests where you have to resist when they push your foot or leg, up or down didn't do well at all on those and then he checked my rectal tone and it was very weak and he said that was very concerning and he ordered an emergency MRI. After another painfully long wait I had the MRI done and a couple hours later the results came back normal. Pardon me? I asked my doctor. He says there are no abnormalities in the spine and that my spine is in unremarkable condition he showed me the mri report. 4 lines. That's it. 4 lines of everything's fine. I asked him how can that be because I have DDD and my one disc was over 50% gone. He said I don't know what to tell you but everything's fine, even the herniation you had is gone. Maybe do some exercises to strengthen the muscles as its probably just a muscular poblem. Other then that you are free to go. I burst out of that emergency room in tears. Not because I was diagnosed with some emergency syndrome but because after 9 hours in emerg I was told I was fine and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my spine. I am going for a second opinion to see my spine specialist and I'm going to have him look at the MRI. 

Has anyone been through anything similar going from several back issues to being fine and it actually being fine.

I'm beyond frustrated. I'm tired of being dimissed. Most look at my age not my symptoms :neutral:" alt=":neutral:" height="20" /> 

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