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Osteoporosis due to prolactinoma


I am here both to vent a little bit and also to see if anyone else has this condition, (and if so, how well did you recover from it?)

In 2015, I had a T12 fracture while skiing. The fracture was undiagnosed for a while and left me with bad post-traumatic kyphosis. I had a kyphoplasty but it was too late to be effective. The repair protocol for this now would either be a subtraction osteotomy or a corpectomy with expandable cage and anterior/posterior fusion. Nice.
This year, I fractured L5 which was repaired with kyphoplasty (successfully this time) and have had a lumbar fusion (L2-L3)  to straighten out the traumatic scoliosis that occured after the untreated T12 injury. I was just starting to feel a lot better despite my T12 injury when I hurt myself again when moving a bin. I thought i had tweaked a joint but it turns out to be two new (mild) thoracic fractures! They cycle of pain begins again.

Surprise surprise, I have osteoporosis. I am male, early 40s. I was previously fit, active and healthy and this has really cut me down. I am struggling to stay positive when I see my body breaking apart in front of me and every movement is associated with pain and discomfort.
Anyhow, the reason for the low bone density is low testosterone secondary to a prolactinoma (a small pituitary gland tumour) which is causing high levels of prolactin to be secreted. I was told these are fairly rare. If there is some good news, I was told that these can be treated and the effects are mostly reversable. But terrible damage to my body has already been done. My T-score measured earlier this year was -2.8. I have just now started treatment with a drug called cabergoline. If anyone reading this has been through something simiilar, I would sure like to hear if you've been able to improve your T score significantly. I don't want to live the rest of my life wrapped in cotton wool.

February 2015 : T12 burst fracture undiagnosed for 12 weeks
June 2015: kyphoplasty
December: T12-L3 facet injections
Currently contemplating reconstruction


  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 13,419
    veritas-health maintains another site that might have more information for you
    osteporosis-health   right now, they are dealing with osteoporosis with men.  
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences 
  • Greetings Moulet ,

    I can relate to your circumstances.

    I am somewhat older (68), but have been very fit until recently and see some parallels in our conditions.

    2002 compressed two vertibrae snowboarding. Trying to keep up with my daughters!

    Didn't dwell on it and physio got me up and running within weeks. What was missing was a BDT 

    to see why the bone collapsed.

    Fast forward to last xmas, and got a numb leg after surfing. (arcing my back paddling)

    BDT happened 6mnths later (No insurance and apathy /denial on my part) and spine T score -2.8.

    So, blood workup showed prolactin 6x normal for male. MRI showed microprolactinoma.

    I pre-empted this by starting Mucuna Puriens (sp?) in December.  Endo has not contacted me since the MRI

    on 10th Jan so I am going for bloods to see if the Mucuna is reducing my prolactin.

    My GP will be  offering cabergoline and I would value your experience on pro's/cons

    In retrospect, I should have got on to this many years ago (20yrs) as the vital signs were there.

    * Hypognadism

    * niggly bone injuries

    * low libido

    * malabsorbtion

    * chronic anemia

    *Iron overloading.

    * headaches

    All not acute, more of an annoyance. (Accept the migraines)

    All the best and hope you are in control of your health.


    I'm interested in B6, Gaba, natural L-dopa agonists, and preferably not rendering the receptors useless, anybody

    experience with a good result.

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