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What is this pain in my leg?

annewrigaannewrig Posts: 39
Hi All,

I was just wondering if anyone else has this issue. Just a little bit of background information to begin with. I had a microdisc L5-S1 almost three years ago. Unfortunately, because a lot of scar tissue formed and a reherniation that the doctor won't touch, I am still dealing with issues. I have back, hip, and right leg pain that is controlled mainly through medication and exercise. It hurts but I have learned to live within certain limitations. This is not the issue I am living with right now.

In the last year, I have had four episodes in my right calf. My calf doesn't hurt when I am sitting down, but as soon as I stand up and put any weight on it, the pain begins. It feels like my calf has a big charlie horse in it. I limp about quite a bit because it hurts so much especially going up or down stairs because my leg also feels much weaker. I walk around holding on to things because I am so afraid of falling down. These episodes usually last about a week starting off slowly and then building up pain-wise. I usually end up taking at least one day off work as I can't bear to stand up. The rest of the time I just drag my leg around and do the best I can.

The last time (before this one), I happened to have an appointment with PM. They didn't seem too concerned, gave me a shot of steroids and sent me on my way. Other than that, they told me to stay off of it as much as I can. Unfortunately, nothing seems to make it go away. It seems to run a course and then it is gone just like it came.

Does anyone else have episodes like this and if so, what do you do that helps. Or any ideas that it might be, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!



  • Hi Anne

    Have you tried gentle massage, or a sports therapist? The ST would be able to recommend specific exercises for the calf area, and possibly the muscles are knotted and need released.

    Just a thought

    Good luck
    Jo x
  • :) seeing a pt might be of benefit to you. they can give you some specific exercises to help. i use stretching, walking and swimming to help with my pain there. good luck and i hope you have a treatment plan soon. Jenny :)
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  • It will be gone in a couple of days if it follows true to pattern. As a matter of fact it is a little better today. It's just weird how it comes on, hangs around a couple of days and then goes away. Oh well, thanks for the thoughts anyway.
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