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Home from the Hospital - not quite 24 hrs

saltzworksssaltzworks Posts: 1,032
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:21 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi everyone!

I am HOME.

I have to admit it - I was scared to come home.

With my husband in Iraq I have just been very very reluctant to come home incapable of taking care of myself.

I got terribly sick to my stomach as we were getting ready to leave. My mom had gone to Rite-Aid to pick up my RX's (milk of magnesia included!) and my 6 year old was playing in the room while we waited. Either the movement or the noise, or just the thought of going home (maybe still a little leftover Prune Juice with MOM stomach ache) - in anycase, I was SICK.

The nurse gave me a shot of phenegren, I was really not looking forward to a 45 minute drive home while upchucking. I laid down, rested, and within the hour I was doing much better.

The home health people came by my room and said they would be in contact, the PT people came by and gave me one last session - including some exercises to do on this right leg.

I finally got in the Suburban (reclined as much as possible and gripping the OMG bars with a deathgrip) and started home.

Much to my surprise - I made it home - and in really good condition!

I almost didn't want to get back in bed when I got home! I was very reluctant to have to lie back down.

But, I was a good girl and rested.

I ended up going up and down the stairs about 4 times during the day. Good leg up, bad leg down. Talk about 'behind'-cheek workout!! OW!

I woke up this morning surprised that my right leg was still numb. It's like, now that I am home, everything in the hospital was supposed to have been a dream.

But no, I've still got a very numb leg.

My back feels rather good for the workout I put it through. And now it's time for my Home nurse to be showing up to help me through the some personal care and walking - yeah for me :)


  • I wasnt looking forward to being released from the hospital with having kids around at home and my husband not able to stay home for a long time I just didnt think it was a good idea but after I got home it was alright. Just my nerves I guess. On the way home in the explorer I had my left hang clinging into the middle console of the SUV and my right forearm on the armrest on the door actually lifting my ass off the seat so that I was hoovering over it instead of sitting. We drove that way for most of the 40 minutes drive home. I was terrified of hurting my back. Thank goodness for strong arm muscles.
    I hope you continue to get better in your recovery and everything works out for you.

    Best Wishes,
    Christina :)

  • Ah yes the fear of leaving the security of all the hospital staff can be overwhelming. I remember all to well the anxiety. But now that you are home you will be able to develop a new routine and be on the road to recovery. Congrats!!
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  • Amy, I am so glad you are over your surgery and you made it safely home. It is too bad that your husband can't be with you, but at least your mom is there to help you. It is also great that the home nurse will be visiting you. I know after my surgery I found that very reassuring to have somebody come who knows what is going on.

    It is a long and slow recovery sweetie, but you just hang on. Try to get as much rest as you can and follow the rules of no BLT. Try to walk a bit every day, that will help you in your recovery.

    Take care and keep us posted.


  • Good luck with your recovery from your surgury.....
  • Thanks all :)

    I've had the evaluation from the home care -

    She insists that I need a commode-cover-riser thing - it's got hand holds and is raised up so you don't have to go down so far.

    She is very conscious of safety! She is an ER nurse and sees what comes in the ER doors.

    The biggest thing I have to worry about (according to her) is falling. I need to have safety in mind at all times.

    She is also talking my NS into a walker I believe - just for safety, she believes very strongly in walkers.

    Also, I am not to shower until I have a shower chair - a good suction-cup-legged one. She said that it is so easy to take a pain pill, then get in the shower and the combination of warm water with pain pills- lots of people get dizzy and you can easily pass out. I am not to take a shower without assistance for several weeks minimum. At least someone in the other room monitoring me and making sure I don't fall.

    That said, she took all my vitals, was cheerful, friendly and I really am happy I have someone that is out there looking towards keeping me safe.

    Oh, she's working on getting a PT aide to come help me walk and teach me how to get around the house and do things safely.

    She also recommended talking to my PCP about an anti-depressant. Or at the very least taking melatonin. She is a fellow chronic pain sufferer. Out seratonin levels suffer when we have chronic pain. Even though I am a hapy upbeat person, just 3 months of an anti-depressant can make a world of difference.

    I've NEVER thought about taking anti-depressants, but she has really made me think again. I will seek a Dr.'s opinion. Anti-depressant vs. sleep aid and I'll see what they say.

    I've taken a walk (in house) eaten and am now back in bed and ready to nap - well, if I can get my brain to shut down for a bit anyway!

    Oh, one other note: Home care now has me on the list for if there is a major disaster (earthquake) I am on the list for the firemen to get out here and check on me. My home nurse would also be trying to check on me in the event of some disaster. Reassuring - particularly in light of the recent CA earthquake this week. Glad I'm not in CA right now.
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  • Hi Saltz:

    Hey, I am in CA and felt the earthquake, it was about 30 miles from us! I have felt them before, not a big deal.

    I am glad you have home care that is "on the ball". I don't know if your insurance covers all the things she is telling you that you need. Many things you can get cheap at Goodwill, Salvation Army. I think my walker was about $5. She is right about the height of the toilet chair, it will help.

    I can't stress enough to take it easy and let your body heal.

  • Hey Ellen,

    I've felt a few earthquakes myself, just none recently! In Utah we are expecting a big one in the future - I'm one of those people who has read all the emergency training, taken CERT classes and wants to be ready for an emergency - even if it's just the fires we had last summer that evacuated some close neighborhoods.

    I do know that I will be paying for the shower chair and the commode thing is about 40$ a month rental. Small price to pay to prevent an injury. Not that I have even a cent extra these next 3 months; FMLA leave and I've basically used up all my vacation and sick in the other 4 post-accident surgeries.

    I do have good credit and can run on credit for a bit to ensure that I don't end up back in the hospital anytime soon.

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