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Steroid injections and EDS



  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 745
    Sorry. Did not realize you had a money issue. That makes care from a doctor/hospital very tough if not impossible. 
  • It really does. We have decent insurance and normally it's just me that maxes out everything bUT due to the fact we live in the middle of no where and I have to travel about 6 hrs now each way for care it hits hard plus we found out some how my wife's neck is banged up and had 2 bulging disk in her neck that's pinch nerves and it's gotten so bad she can't lift her arm or move it without it causing alot of pain so we have to for her treatment to and that's going to require more travel expenses to from that as the 1 doctor that comes close out here I don't trust after he treated me. I'd see him about ever 2 wks and each time it was something different causing my back problems even though he was looking at the same info. It went from well the nerves where sown into the dura when they patched my csf leak to its bruised nerves to I had a tumor or cyst on my spine and all this. Even told me that my bladder issue where in my head and had my urologist perform a urodynamics test twice both times showing bladder issues getting worse. It took me blowing up on him to actually get a referral to pain management and get sent to a university hospital for bladder and back 
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  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 745
    6 hr drive to get care? That is crazy. I have been lucky to choose health insurance with low max out of pocket. I'm usually there by March each year. Then, everything is free for the rest of the year. I'm still trying to find a doc on my new insurance this year. All the docs I call they say aren't taking new patients. I guess that's the challenge on HMO plans. Sadly. 
  • I can't really complain to much with insurance it is covered by her job so all we pay is the extra for dental which pays 100% on most everything. Our out of pocket though has jumped to $9000 out of pocket for the 2 of us 2 yrs ago it was $4000. For just normal care we have ok care but if you have any issues such as knee shoulder back neck problems you can go to the 2 Dr's closer to us but they aren't great by any means. More people end up with staph or worse of then get relief so that leaves us traveling to Denver Omaha or other places that are 6 to 8 hrs away. 
  • I'm happy to say after some fighting switching to a PA for a different Dr they are really helping. She agreed with me after reading my book of a chart that injection haven't and won't work and having a spinal cord stimulator may help but risk for infection for me is to risky. She is really working trying to get me on meds that help but not over medicat me but doesn't under meducate me either. Down side is I may lose use of my right arm and I have detached part of my bicep muscle and all of the deltoid muscle in my shoulder and havingredients a connective tissue disorder there isn't much they can do 
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