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Use fent patch

Lexis_mommyLLexis_mommy Posts: 4
edited 03/08/2017 - 7:10 PM in Pain Medications
Once you've worn the patch 68-72 hours, there's still some meds left. Anyone know a way to infuse it into a gummy something or anything? It's full of dead skin, so eeewww, not sure I'd wanna slap it on my gums to help with some additional break thru pain. I was always just throwing them away until I was admonished lol by the end of the month I'm really counting and being super careful, mostly because my fentanyl patch won't last 72 hours. I am able to fill every 28 days, so it allows me to change early unless I have mishaps. I had 2 this month. One fell off in a hospital while getting a CT scan. Called hospital and they found it, but refused to save it for me. I'd worn it 3 hours. I was more concerned about someone finding it. Used a new one and woke the next morning wirh it in a wad, around my waist. That has never happened. I usually have it in a spot it's protected. I assume it was itching and I scratched in my sleep and wadded it up. It was partially salvageable. 
Any idea? I didn't wanna tell PM I lost 2 in one month. Hoping to get something out of the used ones. TIA


  • sandi123ssandi123 Posts: 760
    edited 03/08/2017 - 9:51 PM
    What you are asking about is dangerous, illegal, and puts anyone doing anything like that at risk of overdose.
    Fentanyl patches are ONLY to be used transdermally- absorbed through the skin.
    Why would you not leave the patch in place for the entire 72 hours, instead of misusing a very dangerous medication when used improperly?
    Doing things like this make Drs . distrustful of patients with legitimate need for opiates, and makes it harder for all of us who take medications and use them properly.
    Medication remains in the patches, even after the 72 hr window, so there isn't any need to change them earlier than you are prescribed to.

  • Sandi, I concur with your statement.  

    It is extremely dangerous to tamper with a time released drug.  Using a patch in any compacity then what it was intended for can have serious consequences, ones that could not only leave you at risk for an overdose but could also negatively impact your ability to get controlled prescription in the future.  

    I understand that medication issues may arise from time to time.  The best answer I can give you is talk with your PM doctor about what happened.  Being honest in this day and age is imperative.  Break thru pain is something you need to have a serious conversation about.  If you feel like you're undermedicated or that a drug isn't adequately working for you please let your doc know ASAP.

    Good luck.  
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  • I was on a trial with the patch for a while. It made me quite sleepy and didn't really help with my pain, along with OxyContin for breakthrough pain. Mine was hard to stay on too. I found it stuck to the sheets a couple of times. I had better luck with a bandaid holding it on.

    Diagnosis: Thoracic facet syndrome & cervical and thoracic radiculopathy from car accident trauma.
  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,443
    I was on fentanyl patches for years. I kept change out days on the calendar so I would not forget. The best place to put them is where you have the most fat, stomach, hips. Then cover it with a waterproof 4x4 bandaid or tegaderm
    If you put it on at 4:00 today, you change it at 4:00 Monday.
    Never, ever take the residue off and boil to drink. You are risking your life playing that game.
    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator
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  • Funny how you never get any tips on the patches outside of what is on the box. With my wife's cancer, we were told to write the date on the patch itself with a marker so we would know when it was put on.

    She had 2 boxes one time, supposed to be 10 per box, we opened one and there were only 4 per box. I raised a stink and a half with the pharmacy before it was resolved. Opened the 2nd box at the pharmacy... only 4 in this one. They told us that the boxes came to them sealed.

    Diagnosis: Thoracic facet syndrome & cervical and thoracic radiculopathy from car accident trauma.
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