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L5/S1 microdiscectomy

Maybe a harsh quesiton, but I am scheduled to have this procedure on the 22nd.  Been reading the forums and I have yet to come across an experience where someone had surgery and woke up, did the recovery time, and then felt completely normal.  Almost every post seems like they have had numbness or tingling or a new pain.... 

I am concerned.... I have my days where my drive to and from work are unbearable, but then I have days that while it is painful to sit and drive, it is manageable....

I know no one can give me medical advice on what to do, but I am just concerned, my NS made it out like most ppl that have a microdiscectomy do their recovery and a year later they often forget that they even had an injury.  But, from the posts on here that I've read, that never seems to be the case....


  • wajihwwajih torontoPosts: 48
    Hi denthode
    Unfortunately people who recover  don't usually come back here. Just imagine that you are fully recovered  after a successful microdiscetomy.  Why would you come here? You would live happily ever after and that's about it. I am not suggesting you to have surgery but success rate for microdiscetomy is more than 90%. Be positive and listen to the specialist.
  • My NS said the same thing, in fact his analogy was "if you go eat a steak at a restaurant tonight, and get exactly what you thought you were going to get, most people aren't going to go home and write a raving review about the perfectly meeting expectations steak they ate, now if you go eat a steak and get food poisoning, you are going to rate the business, write a post on topix, and call and tell at least 6 people"

    I guess that's accurate, if i get the surgery and feel exactly as i did pre injury, I would probably just continue my life.  If I have ongoing problems, I will probably post on here about it.  And, if the surgery somehow makes me able to play basketball like jordan, then I would be raving about how great it was. Meeting expectations generally falls short of praise and above rebuke... 
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  • Would be nice if you came back and told us how you were doing. 
  • Hi 

    i was completely pain free after my microdiscectomy.  Straight after surgery. 
    But then after 8 months. But after  couple of games of football.  I was getting some symptoms back.  Now I have it worse than ever. All down right leg.    Just waiting on date for next surgery   
    If I never played. And kept to my physio etc. I think I could have still been pain free 
  • Well my surfer was 2 days ago, day of surgery I came home very sore, but the pain down my leg was gone, pain is now very localized to surgery site and to my butt and hip areas.

    Each day has been progressively better than the one before it. I still have pain in back and I'm right but/hip area but it's better than it was.

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  • Dethnode, hope you work out the cause of your pain. I had a fusion not microD but do notice that my pain can be triggered when I clench muscles, usually means I need to change position and make sure I get the muscles to let go. Took me a little while to work out what I was doing, maybe becoming more aware of what your body is doing might help you manage your pain.

    Hope you keep improving, and make sure your doctors know what's going on if it persists. You are still recovering, take it slowly.

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