Spine-health.com professional physician webpages help grow your practice through broad exposure on the Internet.

More patients than ever are going online to find a spine specialist. On a recent Spine-health.com poll (N=444), 3 out of 4 of patients said that they have used the Internet to find and/or research their spine doctor.

The key question is... are these patients finding your practice? Even physicians with another practice/hospital website subscribe to Spine-health because they know that at Spine-health.com we make it our business to ensure that patients easily find their site on major search engines such as Google and Bing as well as on Spine-health.com's Spine Directory. All of our members' information is presented in a complete, professional format.

Importantly, we make sure that your webpage is hassle-free for you to develop and keep current, and that it provides all the necessary information that patients need to know about you and your spine practice.

Why you should pay for a Spine-health.com webpage

Obviously, it better not be just another Internet listing. With a webpage provided by Spine-health.com you receive many advantages over a free physician listings, including:

Personalized and professional

  • Your picture is included on your site
  • You have an individual website address - spine-health.com/doctor/YourSpecialty/YourNameHere for your patients to refer to
  • Your website presentation is highly professional (no advertisements or promotion)


Our all-inclusive services make it easy for you to have a professional, top-ranked website on the Internet. We do all the work for you - including:

  • Development - we will create and develop your website - simply fill out the online membership form.
  • Editing/maintenance - send us changes anytime and we'll promptly update your website at no extra cost
  • Hosting - your website will run on Spine-health's fast, reliable servers, with quick download time (source: Alexa.com) and links that work
  • Marketing - we'll make sure that your website gets top placement on major search engines by using the same innovative marketing strategies that have made Spine-health.com the most highly trafficked spine medicine site on the Internet (sources: Alexa.com, Yahoo.com, Google.com).


Patients form their opinions of you based on your website. Therefore, we make sure that your site has a clean, professional design and includes all the important information that patients need to research your background, including:

  • Your own website address (spine-health.com/doctor/YourSpecialty/YourNameHere), to feature on your practice stationary, business cards, brochures, etc.
  • Your areas of specialization (e.g. conditions, procedures and techniques)
  • A description of your spine practice (your philosophy, approach to treatment, etc.)
  • Areas/communities your practice serves
  • Your professional distinctions (e.g. spine fellowship, publications, etc)
  • Your board certification(s)/eligibility*
  • A direct link to your individual practice and hospital websites
  • Your picture and practice logo at the top of the page
  • Your curriculum vitae
  • Forms for patients to fill out on their first visit

*Please note that to be included in the Spine-health.com directory physicians must be board certified or board eligible and specialize in spine medicine. Chiropractors must be board certified through level 2 and licensed to practice in their state.

Also see our Advertising Policy Disclaimer.

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