After completing the analysis, the time has come to reflect on the data that has been collected and implement a plan to fit the philosophy of the pain management practice.

Pain Center implementation plan

With a little research and the right guidance, establishing a pain management center or adding pain management to your existing hospital or ASC, need not be a daunting venture. To formulate an implementation plan, the physicians will need to:

  • Define a mission statement (a one to three sentence specific statement regarding the core values of the practice).
  • Set goals (a general statement about purpose which point towards a level of productivity that the practice wishes to achieve).
  • Delineate objectives (three standard "operating characteristics" criteria: patient load, earnings and profitability).
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When establishing a pain management practice, all of the decisions that need to be made are extremely complicated and ever changing in today's healthcare environment. For example, there are many changes in reimbursement guidelines that could significantly impact the market analysis and results in operating a profitable pain management center. It is useful to consider retaining a consultant with experience in this area to assist in making the evaluation and market analysis discussed above. Often, the consultant can provide the benefit of years of experience unavailable to the physician and the fees can be more than justified by their expertise and efficiency in providing this type of analysis.