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Each month spine specialists refer over 60,000 patients to for information and education... are you providing this valuable service for your patients?

With thousands of pages of original, peer-reviewed articles, illustrations and animations, helps you provide first class information to help your patients understand their condition and treatment.

Patients emphasize that using

  • Enhances their relationship with their doctor
  • Encourages more realistic expectations about their treatment
  • Helps them feel more confident about their treatment program
  • Reduces their anxiety
  • Improves their compliance
  • ...and ultimately helps them heal better

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Spine-health's unique brand of "information therapy" can easily be prescribed as part of your patients' treatment regimens - just as you would prescribe drug therapy or physical therapy - through the use of:

  • Patient pads - prescription-pads with attractive tear-off sheets - with common conditions and treatment options listed for you to check off in order to specifically prescribe each patient's information therapy.
  • Patient education handouts - peer-reviewed articles that explain spinal conditions and treatments in lay terms to hand out in your practice

If you subscribe to you'll receive the patient pads and handouts as part of your annual subscription.

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