How will a profile help me engage with new patients? makes it easy for prospective patients to find your spine practice through our sophisticated online marketing strategies, which include:

  • Top rankings on the most important search engines (e.g.,
  • High number of patient visits to and our Spine Directory, which is consistently one of the highest volume areas of the site.

Patients will also search online for additional information and/or to confirm information about a physician. For example, if a friend or neighbor recommends you to someone, they are likely to then turn to the Internet to research information about you. When they find your profile at the top of the search engine results, with your background information presented in a professional manner, your credibility with the patient is enhanced.

What does the membership include?

A membership to Spine-health includes your complete profile solution - development, maintenance, hosting and online marketing of your professional profile. Your subscription also includes patient education services, such as attractive pads with tear-off sheets to refer your patients to specific information on, web-ready patient education for your practice website, and permission to use in your practice.

How is Spine-health different from other spine patient education websites? is the only spine patient education website that provides a combination of over 3,000 pages of original, peer-reviewed content, (including hundreds of articles and interactive animations of spinal anatomy, conditions and procedures) and independent/unbiased patient information.

How is a profile different from other services that will list my practice online? is the only service that provides a combination of: a personalized profile (e.g. your own URL, your picture included), ongoing marketing to ensure the maximum number of patients find your profile easily (e.g. top rankings on major search engines); professional editing to make sure your profile is professional and clearly presented. In addition, all physicians in the physician directory must be board certified/board eligible and specialize in spine medicine.

Also see our Advertising Policy Disclaimer.

What information can I put on my profile?

Your profile includes your contact information as well as your practice description, specialty, areas of specialization, and professional affiliations and distinctions. You may also include your photo and practice logo to make it that much more distinctive and personalized.

How do I get my picture included on my profile?

Just send us your picture (a headshot) and we'll place it on your profile. You may provide us your picture in any of the following of ways:

  • E-mail us your picture (minimum 300 pixels width, any height, 72 DPI, JPG format)
  • If your picture is included on another profile (e.g. a hospital or practice website), let us know and we can easily copy it from that website
  • Send us a hard copy in the mail (minimum size 5 inches by 7 inches)

How do I make changes to my Profile?

You may make changes to your profile anytime - just contact us via phone, fax, e-mail, or mail and let us know what you would like changed and we will make the changes promptly. You can also contact us via our contact form.

What is a URL? Why should I have one of my own?

A URL ("Uniform resource locator") is the address of a file available on the Internet. It is important to have your own URL (vs. just having a listing in a database), so that search engines can find and index your profile, and so you can use the URL for your practice marketing (e.g. include your profile address on your practice stationery, brochures, etc.)

What if I subscribe but for some reason change my mind?

We are confident that you will find's services highly beneficial for your spine practice. However, you may cancel your subscription at any time for a partial refund of the purchase price.

What if I already have a practice or hospital website?

The key question is "are patients finding your website?" If you have a website but more people need to find it, you will benefit from having a profile as well. Our ongoing marketing of your Spine-health profile will make sure that people find it easily. Most of our physician profile receive top placement on major search engines such as Google and Bing. You may link from your profile to your practice or hospital website as well.

How do I link from my practice or hospital website to for patient education?

You have permission to link to and/or any of pages on Here is the link we recommend placing on your site:
Title:, Knowledge from Veritas

How do I renew my membership?

We will send you a renewal notice and you may renew your membership at that time. As always, please contact us if you have any questions about your renewal.

The membership process is quick and easy - Apply now