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"Throughout the diagnosis, going to the surgeon and then the actual surgery, your website has been a tremendous source of both information and the comfort in learning about my condition. I am the type of person for whom knowledge contributes to healing."

"Although my doctors have been very willing to answer my questions, it really helps to be able to access information at home where it can be more readily absorbed. Thank you for maintaining this website - it has been a lifesaver."

"Thank you for designing a wonderfully useful and informative website. I am going to make sure that my neurosurgeon and his office personnel learn about and recommend your website."

"Your highly informative and accurate data is the pain management tool I desperately needed…if you can cheer and can give honest hope to this depressed 43 male you deserve my first and only testimonial."

I found your site to be an easy to read and understand peer-reviewed site that gave clear information… I really appreciated the balanced view that included MD, PT, and Chiropractic providers in the mix. With all the other sites out there, yours was a welcome light in the darkness."

"An understanding of spinal function, dysfunction, treatments, therapies, diagnostic methods and personal experiences is all a tremendous help. Your articles are exceptionally well-written, well-illustrated, easy to follow through and informative. Please keep up the good work."

" sets a standard and raises the bar for any kind of informative web site. In terms of design, navigability, and content the site is an extraordinary accomplishment. Layout is clean, not distracting. And the content is - as I suspect you're aware - rare by virtue of meatiness."

"I wanted to let you know that all my questions, and those of my husband, were answered. The site’s written explanations and animated surgeries were extremely helpful. Understanding what I am about to face has made for a comfort level that I never thought I'd experience. I am extremely confident with my choice of a surgeon and with what I have learned from your website I am extremely comfortable with the procedure."

"Your service has been invaluable to me. I found out that a friend was going to have L3-L4 fusion. He was very scared and nervous. Didn't know what to ask his doctor, I told him about your website and found out that all his questions were answered and his fears calmed."

"Thanks for providing this avenue of information. I have used it to further my knowledge of the condition I have. With 3 degenerative discs, I found the information access very comforting. The unknown is harder to take than knowing. You provide a great service."

"A note of thanks for providing a clear and thorough explanation of back pain. From diagnosis to treatment options to medical explanations, all information was presented in an orderly and easily understood manner. The fact that your site provided me with information that I could read, re-read and digest at my leisure allowed me to be informed and ready with proper questions for my doctor."

"... I used the Spine health information when I needed to see a surgeon regarding my back problems. It helped me to ask intelligent questions and to better understand what the surgeon was telling me about my problem. My surgery was a godsend. Thanks again for a great information source."

"I found your website provided invaluable information about my condition, spinal stenosis. I am scheduled for surgery in the near future and the information in your web site added to and confirmed the information provided by my doctor. I found the animated Laminectomy to be invaluable in explaining what my surgery will entail. Thank you again."

"I am very glad that I entered this website because I am getting ready to have an anterior & posterior spinal fusion next month and the information that I obtained today has really helped me. Everything that my doctor has explained to me has been confirmed and I feel a lot better about having the surgery."

"I've just spent about an hour at your site, researching, and wanted to say thank you! I begin P.T. next week and am now better prepared to ask questions of my physical therapist and understand more of what we are doing. Thanks for such a comprehensive site, easy to navigate!"

"I have been recently diagnosed with spinal stenosis and cervical myelopathy. I have found your site very informative. It has helped me better understand my condition and will help me in my decisions for treatment. Your website has been the most thorough and user friendly that I have visited. Thank you!"