Spine-health.com has developed a Medical Advisory Board to assist in developing the most comprehensive and reliable Internet resource for back pain. The Board is comprised of leading spine specialists from around the country. In general, their role is to:

  • Support the site’s mission of providing high quality, independent information and services for people with back pain
  • Provide oversight for health information included on the site
  • Serve as spokespersons to educate the public and spine medicine community about high quality patient education
  • Participate in the interactive features on the site, as appropriate

Spine-health is honored to be affiliated with these health professionals. We believe that their participation substantially enhances the quality, uniqueness and value of services for Spine-health members.

Gunnar B. J. Andersson, MD, PhD Stephen H. Hochschuler, MD
Ray M. Baker, MD Thomas E. Hyde, DC
Scott D. Boden, MD Paul C. McAfee, MD
Andrew J. Cole, MD John E. Sherman, MD
William W. Deardorff, PhD, ABPP John J. Triano, DC, PhD
Peter F. Ullrich, Jr., MD Steven G. Yeomans, DC
Theodore B. Goldstein, MD, FACS Jack E. Zigler, MD
Scott Haldeman, DC, MD, PhD
John G. Heller, MD