Spine-health.com is an excellent media buy for select categories and brands

Highly relevant categories Include:

  • Pharmaceuticals (OTC and Rx)
    Back Pain, chronic pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, and more
    Pain related: Depression, anxiety, insomnia, smoking, and more

  • Medical Devices and Surgery
    Back, neck, and joints

  • Fitness and Wellness
    Exercise, diet/nutrition, weight loss, sleep, back supports, ergonomic office/home

  • Medical Practices and Hospitals
    Spine, Pain, Neurosurgical, Orthopedic, Sports Medicine

Multimedia opportunities can be combined into an integrated media experience:

  • Display Advertising: Standard IAB units, Custom sizes, Rich media (video, 3rd party)

  • eNewsletters and ad inserts

  • Health Center Sponsorships

  • Clinical trial patient recruitment

  • Custom Marketing Opportunities

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