Painkillers Can Sometimes Increase Chronic Pain

A patient’s brain changes during long-term use of opioids for chronic pain, which can lead to tolerance and possibly addiction.

4 Commonly Overlooked Sciatica Remedies

Radiating sciatic pain can make it difficult to keep up with your daily activities. These 4 commonly overlooked sciatica remedies can help get you back on track.

11 Ways to Keep Gardening with Back Pain

Gardening can be tough on the back. Here are 11 tips for enjoying time in the garden without aggravating your back.

Open Letter from a Person with Chronic Pain

How can people who don't have chronic pain understand what you are going through? This open letter attempts to enlighten others that, while you might look fine, the pain is not gone and it might affect how you act.

Is My Back Pain Caused by a Pinched Nerve or Degenerated Disc?

Terminology describing back pain that originates from a spinal disc problem can become confusing. Clarity can be gained, however, by focusing on the source of the pain: nerve irritation or disc space problems.

When the Pain Won't Stop

Chronic benign pain may persist despite a variety of treatments. Learn what you can do to cope.

How to Stop Your Pain with Your Mind

You can train your brain to manage the sensation and occurrence of chronic pain with a combination of deep focus, breathing, and imagery techniques.

How to Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain

Regardless of which medical treatments you are undergoing, it can always be helpful to understand your non-medical treatment options as an adjunct or a primary means to help manage your back condition. People often report that such techniques are very helpful in reducing chronic pain.

Chronic Pain: Beyond the Physical Impact

Our Spine-health forums moderator shares his story of living with chronic pain and the impact it has on mental health during this week's National Suicide Prevention Week.

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