3 Ways Interventional Pain Specialists Help with Spine Care

An interventional pain specialist may be selected as part of the care team for chronic pain management. Find out 3 specific ways these physicians can help spine care.

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Every year during open enrollment, people have the opportunity to review and alter their health insurance. Here are 6 questions that can help you make the right decision for the coming year.

Who Should Treat Your Back Pain?

You may wonder which type of doctor is best for treating your back pain. The answer isn't simple; but here are some guidelines to help you make your decision.

What Everyone Ought to Know about Pain Management

Managing chronic back pain can be a constant battle, but finding pain management approaches that work for you—and sticking to them—can improve your quality of life.

3 Tips on How to Find a Great Spine Surgeon

Finding the right surgeon to perform your surgery is critical. To find a great surgeon, check out the many resources and articles we've written on the subject.

New Features Make the Spine-Health Forums Easier to Use

The Spine-health Forums offer a great way for those with chronic conditions to interact, and now they’re better than ever.

Get Your Back Pain Diagnosis from a Physiatrist

Physiatrists who specialize in treating back pain can offer a wide array of treatment options, and many of them can help you coordinate your care among physical therapists, spine surgeons, and other spine professionals.

Finding the Right Spine Specialist

When you're dealing with chronic or ongoing episodes of back pain and/or neck pain, sometimes it seems that half the battle is just finding the right kind of specialist to diagnose and treat your pain.

How to Get the Best Spine Care

If you have had back pain for a while, you probably already know that navigating the healthcare system to find the right doctor or treatment can be quite a challenge. While the process will probably always be frustrating at times, playing an active role can help make it easier.

5 Ways to Help your Surgeon Help you

Anyone who has experienced chronic low back pain knows how frustrating it can be to find a doctor to help. I often see patients who have seen multiple other doctors and physical therapists and have not had relief of their pain. (After all, if non-surgical treatment was working they wouldn't be coming to me to get a surgical opinion in the first place.)