New Features Make the Spine-Health Forums Easier to Use

The Spine-health Forums offer a great way for those with chronic conditions to interact, and now they’re better than ever.

Medication Choices to Help You Quit Smoking

Not only is smoking bad for your health, it is also closely related to chronic pain. But there are medication options available to help you quit. Learn more about one of them.

Smoking and Low Back Pain

The fact that smoking is not good for your health is not exactly news, but most people do not associate smoking with pain. Lifestyle issues such as smoking, as well as lack of exercise and obesity, hamper the patient’s ability to find sufficient pain relief over the long term. In fact, research has shown that smoking causes back pain.

Non-Smokers Report Less Back Pain

Smokers have a higher incidence of back pain than non-smokers. Read these seven tips to help you kick your smoking habit and work toward future free from back pain.