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6 Things to Know about Cervical Artificial Discs

Cervical disc replacement has become a more common treatment for cervical disc disease, but what sets it apart from anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) and how can you choose between them? Here are 6 pieces of information to help guide your choice.

Anterior view of the cervical spine showing restored height in the disc space. Read More

Getting the Right Diagnosis for Numb Fingers

Carpal tunnel syndrome, a cervical herniated disc, and rheumatoid arthritis can all cause numbness in your hands. Make sure you have the correct diagnosis before you proceed with a treatment.

Palmar view of the pain in the tendons of the hand from carpal tunnel syndrome. Read More

A Modern Spine Ailment: Text Neck

Text neck, a popular new buzzword for describing an overuse syndrome that affects the neck of frequent phone users, is increasingly common. Learn about the symptoms and possible treatments.

Woman texting with text neck tips for texting. Read More

When the Pain Won't Stop

Chronic benign pain may persist despite a variety of treatments. Learn what you can do to cope.

Posterior view of the upper back showing pain points in the thoracic spine. Read More

How to Stop Your Pain with Your Mind

You can train your brain to manage the sensation and occurrence of chronic pain with a combination of deep focus, breathing, and imagery techniques.

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The Relationship Between Chronic Pain and Inactivity: The Disuse Syndrome

Disuse syndrome occurs when a person is sedentary, and it can effect all the systems in the body. Learn how it's linked to chronic pain and what you can do about it.

Posterior view of the lumbar spine showing pain in the lower back. Read More

How to Improve your Chance of Having a Successful Spine Fusion Surgery

As a spine fusion patient, you play an active role in ensuring your fusion is a success. Learn what you can do to create a favorable chance for a successful spine fusion.

Healing bone graft from ALIF in the lumbar spine. Read More

How and When to Get a Second Opinion Before Spine Surgery

<p>It is often said that no one should have spine surgery unless they receive a second opinion from another surgeon. On the surface, this advice would sound like good old common sense, as two opinions are better than one. However, there is a trap in this line of thinking.</p>

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Leg Pain after a Lumbar Decompression Surgery

There are several reasons why leg pain may persist after spinal decompression surgery to ease pain from spinal stenosis.

Superior view of a lumbar vertebra with spinal stenosis. Read More

Facet Joint Pain after Spine Surgery

The facet joints, located in the back of the spine, can be a source of pain following spine surgery.

Posterior view of vertebrae highlighting the facet joints. Read More