5 Easy Tips For Keeping the Entire Family Healthy for Back-to-School

It's back-to-school time, and that means trips to school, scraped knees, books, back packs, and school sports. The activity can be great for you and the kids, but heavy back packs and bad posture can hurt your kids and their backs. Here are 5 easy tips that will help keep the entire family healthy for back-to-school:

How to Prevent Osteoporosis with a Once-a-Year Injection

The need to take a once-a-day or even once-a-month osteoporosis medication may soon be eliminated. Recent studies indicate that a once-a-year osteoporosis injection of zoledronic acid like Reclas® can prevent spine fractures and hip fractures from osteoporosis.

Is Your Pain Medication Prescribed Off-Label?

Experts estimate that 21% of prescriptions for common drugs are written for off-label uses. According to a study on off-label prescribing published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, three-fourths of those prescriptions were for off-label uses that lacked scientific support. What's going on?

The Health Care Crisis

The uninsured population of the United States has perplexed our country and our leaders for several decades now. Many have termed this our national health care crisis, but it is not nearly as much a health care crisis as a health insurance crises.

Laser Disc Decompression for Spinal Stenosis: Does it Work?

As a practicing spine surgeon, I am often asked by patients if their disc decompression surgery can be done with a laser. There is a perception by the general population that lasers are a modern, almost futuristic, up and coming technology.The reality is that lasers have been around for a long time and are almost completely useless when it comes to spine surgery.

Chronic Back Pain and Wandering the Halls at 2:00 am

Two-thirds of Spine-health.com's visitors report having sleep problems. Recent excerpts from our message board explain the real challenges of sleep problems due to chronic pain:

What is Your Pain Rating Today?

The pain ratings system patients have to use at the doctors office isn't as effective or descriptive as it could be. See what Spine-health.com Forum users think the rating system should be.

Ice Application for Lower Back Pain Relief

Thanks for the great ice application tip from Healthbolt: "Next time you have to ice something down, try throwing some dishwashing liquid in a baggie, instead of the normal ‘cubes. Leave it in the freezer ’till cool, and enjoy. It’ll hold it’s temperature longer, mold to your body better than ice, and it can be frozen over and over."

What's Worse: Back Pain or Childbirth?

This question was posed on our message board last week and has triggered a great deal of response. Judging from the message board, hands down back pain has the most votes for being the worse of the two.