When is lower back pain simply a muscle strain, and when is it a condition such as degenerative disc disease? What treatment plan is most effective for lower back pain? The Spine-health Lower Back Pain Video Library provides interactive videos and doctor commentary that explain lower back pain anatomy and various treatment options for lower back pain.

A back spasm is a natural reaction to limit motion when the body believes there is improper movement or injury in the back.

A muscle strain or a muscle sprain in the back is the most common cause of back pain. In most people, this pain will last a short time, a few days to a couple of weeks.

Cauda equina syndrome can be a serious medical condition caused by compression of cauda equina nerve roots that can result in neurological problems and severe low back pain.

Lower back strain is caused by damage to the muscles and ligaments of the back. Learn about muscle anatomy and the symptoms of lower back strain.