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Houston Spine and Joint Pain Consultants
Pain Medicine and Management Physician
Multiple locations
Pain is an experience unique to each individual affected by multiple contributing factors, including medical illness, psychological issues, life stressors, financial constraints and previous experiences with health care providers. For this reason, I address each patient's pain condition with a comprehensive, multi-modal approach which includes therapy, medications, and interventional procedures. Management of various PAIN CONDITIONS is done emphasizing the importance of: • Empathy - most important aspect in treatment of pain patient. • Concreteness of Diagnosis • Patient Education • Use of Multimodality Treatments- Physical Therapy, Use of Narcotic, Non-Narcotic, and Non-Addicting Pain Medication; Interventional Procedures: Spine Injections and minimally invasive procedures • Close Follow-Ups & Treatments • Patient Cooperation, Compliance, and Active Participation in the Treatment Plan
Multiple locations
North American Spine provides full-service support and surgical relief to sufferers of spine (back and neck) pain, and combines a concierge-model of patient service with the most technologically up-to-date surgical equipment and techniques available.
Atlas Wellness Chiropractic of Houston PLLC
In my opinion the Atlas Orthogonal Technique is a fantastic technique, it is painless, accurate and typically requires less treatment.
Advanced Chiropractic Relief
My purpose in life is to help as many people as I can with chiropractic care!